What are the benefits of buying a car online?

There are loads of reason why you should buy a car online rather than the old-fashioned way of visiting a dealership. One of the biggest appeals of online shopping is convenience and it’s no different when it comes to shopping for a car. Heading to the dealership take a bit of planning and time, while shopping for a car online could take as little as 20 minutes.

One of the biggest complaints about buying new or used car is pressure from the salesman – when you shop from the comfort of your own home you don’t have to worry about this. Many dealerships and manufacturers have a chat function available should you want any assistance, but you’re in control the entire time.

Car buyers already spend 59% of the buying process online – whether this is looking for the right car, reading reviews or checking prices. All of which can be easily done on Motors.co.uk. What’s more, there are plenty of dealerships who offer an online service giving you loads of choice when it comes to finding your next car. Read the latest expert reviews from our team.

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What delivery options are available for buying a car online?

You have two options when it comes to buying a car online: Click & Collect or Home Delivery. You might be familiar with click & collect for other online purchases and buying a car this way is much the same. It’s a service offered by car dealers where you buy the car online and then arrange to collect it from their forecourt. It’s been around a while but has become even more popular due to Covid-19.

The process is pretty straightforward. You find the car you want online and then arrange to pick it up from the dealership once you’ve arranged the payment.

If you don’t fancy going out to collect the car, you can arrange a home delivery if the dealership offers this option. It’s a similar process to click & collect except the vehicle is delivered to your home instead. Keep in mind there might be additional costs for this service added to the overall price of the car.

Of course, collection and delivery options may differ depending on the dealer. The same applies to test drives. Be sure to check a dealer’s collection and delivery process prior to making the car purchase to make sure it suits your requirements.

What if I need to arrange finance?

You don’t have to be a cash buyer to benefit from buying a car online. There are loads of finance options available from PCP to car loans – you’ll need to pass a credit check when applying but you can do all of it online depending on the retailer. Keep in mind you might need to go in person to sign on the dotted line, but in many instances you won’t need to.

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Can I test drive a car?

Don’t worry, even if you’re buying a car online you’re still able to book a test drive so you can see and touch the car in person before you buy. There’s usually a section dedicated to booking a test drive where you can have a car delivered to your house so you can give it a run before you buy. If you’re at the office, you can even arrange to have the car delivered to work so you can drive it around on your lunch break.

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What are my rights when it comes to buying a car online?

If you buy the car 100% remotely and have it delivered to your home, you’re covered by the Consumer Contracts Regulations. This means you have the right under UK law to cancel your order within 14 days of receiving the car with a full refund – including the deposit. However, you’re only covered if you have not stepped foot in the dealership or forecourt, so click & collect will mean you aren’t eligible for this protection.

Before you go cross country in your new car, you might be restricted by the number of miles you can drive within the 14 days. Make sure you read the terms and conditions before you put miles on the car just in case.

Should you have to go into the retailer to sign paperwork or collect the vehicle in person, you’ll be covered by the terms and conditions set by the dealership. Learn more about the rights you have when buying a car with our helpful guide.

Which car manufacturers let you buy online?

Many well-known manufacturers have figured out there’s growing demand for buying a car online and have created specific portals for buying a car. You can apply for finance, search local dealers for stock and arrange to have a car delivered to your door. Ford, Mercedes, Dacia, Peugeot and Volvo are some of the big names that have dedicated websites for buying a car.

If you’re buying a brand new car, you can expect the car to be delivered in around 12 weeks – sooner if there is a car available immediately.

Nowadays you can have almost anything delivered to your front door, including a new or used car. In some circumstances it’s easier than going in person and you still have the option to test drive before you buy. We think it’s a win-win. And if you need some help, we think you’re going to love this guide on how to check a vehicle – or this one with plenty of advice for test-driving a vehicle.