Sports utility vehicles, or SUVs as they’re often known, pair a top driving experience with spacious interiors and lots of cargo space. With 4×2, 4×4, diesel and electric options available, SUVs are brilliant both on and off the tarmac and are suited to many different weather conditions. 
We’ve listed the best SUVs currently available, but before we get into that, let’s look at the key benefits of these vehicles:  

  • A high driving position which makes for wide views of the road 
  • Comfortable cabins with lots of legroom and storage 
  • They make excellent family cars 
  • Good value mpg (miles per gallon) and fuel efficiency 
  • They’re versatile and efficient in extreme weather conditions 

Which Size SUV is Right for You? 

You can get small, crossover, medium or large SUVs, with each size comprising different pros and cons. Naturally, a large SUV offers more space. Seven-seaters are available, too, and offer a much larger boot capacity, which can be ideal for big families. When looking for an SUV, it’s worth bearing in mind: 

  • Medium and large SUVs can cost more to run than small crossovers 
  • Small SUVs and crossovers tend to offer better mpg 
  • Medium and large SUVs can tow large items, like trailers, horseboxes and boats  

Top 10 Best SUVs 

We’ve looked at a range of different SUVs, from high-end models to lower-cost vehicles, and rounded up the best to help you to find one which works for you. Without further ado, let’s start with the Volvo XC40.