Looking for a spacious car, but torn between a roomy estate and the high-riding position of an SUV? Then you might want to consider these pros and cons. Typically, SUVs are great for:

  • A commanding view of the road
  • Their stylish, bulky looks
  • Those with mobility impairments
  • Small children and loading car seats

Whilst SUVs do tend to offer more space, often with options for seven seats, estates are only marginally behind in that department, usually offering a practical 550+ litres of boot space. Compared to SUVs, estate cars typically offer:

  • A better driving experience, with more agile handling and refinement
  • Better fuel economy
  • Lower running costs
  • A low boot for easier loading


Whether you opt for an SUV or an estate, there’s no denying the latter’s appeal. And if you’re still unsure, perhaps our list of the top 10 best estate cars will convince you to at least give one a test drive. Read on to discover our top picks.