The humble van is relied upon by thousands of people each day to perform all sorts of functions. From builders to removal companies, delivery drivers and everything in between, vans provide flexible and practical transportation.
As a result of this varied market, there are plenty of van options. But which one should you take a look at? Here, we check out some of the best.

Reasons to buy a van

But why should you buy a van? The appeal of one lies in the variety of purposes it can be adapted to fit. There are all manner of load lengths and roof heights to choose from, while more recently electric powertrains have been implemented to power vans via battery power alone. 
You can also get tipper versions – which help when removing larger items or shifting rubble. The world of vans really is your oyster and if you’re after one, then there’s bound to be a van for you – particularly on the used market where there’s plenty of choice.
Read on to find out our pick of the best vans to drive.