Diesel cars haven’t exactly enjoyed a good rep, but the Government has taken steps to ensure car manufacturers clean up their diesel cars’ acts so the vehicles pollute less. Today, not only do diesels stop you filling up your fuel tank every five minutes, but they alswork harder to keep their end of the bargain with the Government and the environment and produce fewer emissions than they used to 
What smashing diesel cars are out there, too. Hatchbacks, saloons, estates and more can have diesel engines. Renault, Peugeot, Vauxhall, Ford, Volkswagen, Mercedes and others have all thrown their hats into the ring in trying to produce the best diesel cars for the market. The results have been some fabulous runners.  

What to expect from a diesel car 

Diesel cars spoil you with fuel economy, which makes them awesome cars if you have to drive long distances. They’re a bit more torquey, too, so they have good pulling power and serve well as towing vehicles. 
Diesel cars are less about high performance and more about being steady and reliable. As a result, they tend to have a little less horsepower and might not shift quite as fast as you like. No matter. With the right maintenance, you’ll spend long, happy times out on the road for many years to come.  
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Best diesel cars 

Whether you’re going road tripping or just have to make a long commute, a diesel is a good place to start when looking for the right car. Dogs may be human’s best friend. Diesel engines might just be your next best one. Here are 10 of the best diesel cars out there. We start with the Vauxhall Corsa.