When towing a caravan, the obvious requirement is that your vehicle has sufficient amounts of pulling power, but the best tow cars for caravans don’t stop there.

With some cars prioritising refinement and others proving to be great value for money, there are plenty of fantastic options for you to choose from. The heavy majority of tow cars are super practical themselves too, ensuring there’s enough space for all passengers to ride in comfort.

In this article, we’ll explore ten of our favourite options for you to consider if you’re in the market for a used car that’s ideal for towing caravans. We’ve also provided some advice to help you determine whether the vehicle is the right choice for you.

What makes a good tow car?

First and foremost, you’re going to want a car that’s got ample amounts of torque, particularly in the lower RPM range, as this will ensure the car has enough pulling power. The car’s towing capacity should also match or exceed the total weight of your caravan, so ensure you only consider cars that meet that requirement.

The best tow cars offer more than mere pulling power, though. Advanced technology is forever growing in this segment, with some vehicles now coming equipped with features such as anti-sway technology to keep you safe while on the road.

Other elements, such as fuel economy and visibility are well worth considering too. Diesel vehicles are particularly popular as tow cars thanks to their impressive economy figures and hearty performance for example, but there are plenty of excellent petrol, hybrid and even electric options for you to consider, too.

The best used cars for towing caravans

Caravans have long been a popular form of holiday for many in the UK and plenty of the world’s manufacturers know this, leading to stiff competition in this corner of the used car market.

Your options aren’t limited to large SUVs either, as there are plenty of other bodystyles for you to consider.

Our ten favourites for you to consider include:

1. Land Rover Discovery (2017-Present)

Land Rover vehicles have a longstanding reputation for handling challenging tasks with ease, making the inclusion of the Discovery on this list a natural choice.

With a range of diesel and petrol engines to choose from, you have the freedom to select a model that perfectly aligns with your lifestyle. Notably, all engine options offer an impressive braked towing capacity of 3,500kg, ensuring you won’t have to compromise on towing power.

The Land Rover Discovery is also widely popular thanks to its outright practicality and refinement, with up to seven seats and 1,137 litres of boot space available (with five seats in place). It does come at a premium compared to most alternatives, though a Discovery 4 (2009-2016) is still a great option for towing caravans if you’re working with a tighter budget.

Model Highlights

  • Refined interior that proves super comfortable over long journeys.
  • Braked towing capacity of 3,500kg for all models, regardless of which powertrain you choose.
  • Up to seven seats and plenty of interior space.

Things to Consider:

  • Alternative options are available for less.
  • Some reliability issues to be aware of, so double-check the car’s maintenance history.
  • Additional practicality-enhancing features such as roof rails are not standard on all examples.

2. Skoda Superb (2015-Present)

If you’re in the market for a caravan-towing car that’s not an SUV, the Skoda Superb deserves a prominent spot on your shortlist.

Well-built with a range of standout features, the Superb offers plenty of interior space, making it a top companion for long stints on the road. You’ll also have the choice between a sleek saloon or a more practical estate version depending on your preferences.

Most Skoda models tend to perform well when towing caravans, but the Superb stood out from its siblings thanks to a well-refined ride at all speeds. The majority of Superb examples will have a braked towing capacity of 2,000kg, but ‘Scout’ variants have an enhanced 2,200kg braked capacity if required.

Model Highlights

  • Typical Skoda build quality that’s ready for a wide variety of challenges.
  • Estate and saloon variants to choose from, based on your preferences.
  • Extremely comfortable with plenty of tech on offer.

Things to Consider:

  • Lower-powered models may feel sluggish when towing heavy loads.
  • Four-wheel drive does not come as standard on all examples.
  • Differing maximum braked towing capacity depending on the variant you choose.

3. Mercedes-Benz EQC (2019-Present)

As the world embraces electric vehicle technology, the Mercedes-Benz EQC stands out as a forward-thinking option for caravan enthusiasts seeking eco-friendly towing solutions.

Offering the cutting-edge technology that we’ve come to expect from Mercedes-Benz, the EQC SUV is one of the most advanced models you’ll find. The MBUX Hyperscreen, which takes up the majority of the car’s dashboard houses much of this technology (such as satellite navigation) and allows the driver to tailor the overall feel to suit their preferences.

While not quite as capable as other traditionally powered options, the EQC is a leading electric tow car, offering a mightily impressive 1,800kg braked towing capacity and up to 260 miles of driving range. All models come equipped with 4MATIC four-wheel drive technology too, which proves particularly useful off-road or in trickier conditions.

Model Highlights

  • At the forefront of technology, with plenty of gadgets to make life easier.
  • Super comfortable and refined, with a unique design language.
  • Impressive 1,800kg braked towing capacity even with an emissions-free powertrain.

Things to Consider:

  • Will be on the more expensive side of the market.
  • All-electric driving range can limit suitability somewhat, although impressive charging speeds do negate its impact.
  • Futuristic looks aren’t suited to all tastes.

4. BMW 5 Series (2017-2023)

The BMW 5 Series has earned its reputation as a luxury executive car, but it’s also a hidden gem for caravan enthusiasts.

Available in both saloon and estate (or ‘touring’) bodystyles, the 5 Series offers a blend of sophistication and towing capability, with a range of petrol and diesel powertrains for you to choose from. Most used examples you’ll come across will have a braked towing capacity of around 2,000kg, but this may differ slightly depending on the exact model.

You may also want to consider other features such as the brand’s impressive xDrive all-wheel drive system, as this can provide additional grip on various surfaces. There were various additional ‘packs’ available that offered further technology when new too, so ensure any vehicles you’re considering has all the tech you need.

Model Highlights

  • Refined approach with plenty of advanced technology.
  • Performance across the range is strong.
  • Braked towing capacity of around 2,000kg on the majority of models.

Things to Consider

  • Will be on the more expensive side of the market.
  • Higher running and maintenance costs than most rivals.
  • All-wheel drive is not standard on all models.

5. Kia Sorento (2020-Present)

The large SUV segment is a highly competitive one, but the Kia Sorento proves to be a stand-out option, particularly when it comes to towing caravans.

Combining top levels of practicality with impressive towing capacities, the Sorento is a match for various challenges. This is thanks to a wide range of powertrains that includes traditional diesel options, as well as contemporary hybrid variants.

Used diesel examples are the top performers, with a braked towing capacity of up to 2,000kg, while hybrid variants offer a slightly lower, yet still impressive, braked towing capacity of between 1,350kg and 1,650kg.

With a more premium approach than what the brand has typically offered, the latest generation does sit on the more expensive side of the market. If you’re working with a tighter budget, third-generation models (2014-2020) are also great value for money and a fantastic option when it comes to towing.

Model Highlights

  • All-wheel drive comes as standard on every model.
  • Wide range of powertrains, with strong towing capacities across the range.
  • Highly reliable, with the remainder of Kia’s 7-year warranty available on most examples.

Things to Consider

  • Plug-in hybrid variants will need recharging at a plug to capitalise on maximum efficiency.
  • Towing capacities can differ depending on the exact variant you opt for.
  • Not as much kerb-appeal as some rivals available at a similar price point.

6. Dacia Duster (2017-Present)

Due to the heartier powertrains and additional features required to tow a caravan, finding a suitable used car on a budget can be a challenge, but the Dacia Duster goes against the mould and offers everything you need at a fraction of the price of many competitors.

Despite its lowly price tag, a used Duster is still capable of pulling a braked weight of up to 1,500kg, making it suitable for many. A large boot and other practical features such as roof rails as standard help to strengthen its case, while different trims are available, depending on how much tech you desire.

If you plan on towing with the Duster then it’s best to look towards the higher-powered variants as they offer more pulling power across the rev range. You may want to consider the impressive 4×4 system too, if you plan on tackling trickier terrain.

Model Highlights

  • Affordable price tag that cannot be matched by the majority of rivals.
  • Braked towing capacity of up to 1,500kg, depending on your chosen model.
  • Impressive 4×4 system ensures the Duster is more than capable off-road.

Things to Consider:

  • A facelift in 2021 brought about sharper looks and up-to-date technology.
  • The general feel of the vehicle will be on the cheaper side.
  • Some models have limited towing ability, so ensure any vehicle you consider meets your needs.

7. Volvo V60 (2018-Present)

The Volvo brand has long been known for creating cars that can stand the test of time, with the V60 being one of its most popular models. As a dependable estate car, the V60 offers plenty of practicality, blending it with a luxury finish to appeal to those looking for a more refined option for towing.

There are various powertrains to choose from when looking for a used V60, with each offering different amounts of towing capability. If you’re after the highest capacities, then you’ll want to consider variants with the B6 powertrain as they can pull braked loads of up to 2,000kg and come with an all-wheel drive powertrain to help with various challenges.

Other used variants are more than capable in their own right, with braked towing capacities of between 1,300kg and 1,800kg, so be sure to double-check the specifications of any you’re considering. The V60 also comes with an extensive range of active and passive safety technology to keep you and your family safe while out and about.

Model Highights

  • Classy looks with a top build quality.
  • Spacious interior with plenty of space for all on board.
  • Impressive 2,000kg braked towing capacity on the top-performing variant.

Things to Consider

  • Towing capacities can differ depending on which powertrain you go for.
  • All-wheel drive is not standard on all models.
  • Will be on the more expensive side of the used market.

8. Skoda Karoq (2017-Present)

As the winner of the UK Caravan and Motor Home Club’s Towcar of the Year in 2023, the Skoda Karoq is a top choice.

Available from an affordable starting point, the Karoq is a fantastic all-round vehicle, offering plenty of practicality and technology. It looks sharp too, particularly in Sportline trim, thanks to subtle touches that make the car stand out.

With various powertrains and trims to choose from, you’ll need to pay close attention to the braked towing capacity of any vehicles you’re considering. All Karoq variants can tow at least 1,200kg braked, with the most suited variants towing up to 2,000kg. We’d recommend an example with the four-wheel drive system too, as these can make the process of getting your caravan set up in fields much easier.

Model Highlights

  • A fantastic all-rounder that’s well-suited to a wide variety of daily challenges.
  • Up to 2,000kg braked towing capacity.
  • Great value for money, with each variant being well-equipped as standard.

Things to Consider:

  • Ensure the variant you opt for has sufficient braked towing capacity for your needs.
  • Four-wheel drive isn’t standard across the range.
  • Facelifted models (2021 onwards) brought about sharper, updated looks.

9. Nissan Qashqai (2021-Present)

As one of the UK’s best-selling vehicles, the dependable Nissan Qashqai has made its mark over the years, offering plenty of technology, sharp looks and strong levels of practicality.

When it comes to towing, the Qashqai can pull a braked weight of up to 1,800kg, although most used variants you’ll find will reside within the 1,200kg to 1,400kg range, so double-check the numbers of the vehicles you’re looking at. If you do need the extra pulling power, then it’s the 1.6-litre four-wheel drive diesel examples that you’ll want to look towards.

As one of the most popular vehicles for families, the Qashqai is well-suited to the daily challenges of this life. Higher-specced models add additional features such as roof rails too, so look out for those examples if you require the enhanced practicality on offer.

Model Highlights

  • Braked towing capacity of up to 1,800kg.
  • Plenty of tech on offer, with higher-specced models introducing the likes of roof rails.
  • Well-built and ready for the daily challenges of various lifestyles.

Things to Consider:

  • Towing capacities can vary depending on exact specifications.
  • Very popular, so you won’t stand out from the crowd.
  • Four-wheel drive does not come as standard.

10. Volkswagen Caravelle (2015-Present)

With a slightly different approach to most on this list, the Volkswagen Caravelle is an off-piste option compared to most towing cars. However, having been praised for its space, versatility, towing ability and build quality it’s a great option for a variety of reasons.

Combining advanced technology with a comfortable interior, the Caravelle is more than ready for an adventurous lifestyle. Its maximum braked towing capacity of up to 2,500kg outperforms many of its rivals too, thanks to a hearty 2.0-litre diesel powertrain.

Towing aside, the Caravelle is a suitable daily vehicle for large families, competing well against the likes of the Citroën Berlingo and Ford Tourneo Connect in the competitive used MPV (or people carrier) segment.

Model Highlights

  • Super practical interior, with space for up to seven people.
  • Impressive braked towing capacity of up to 2,500kg.
  • Plenty of technology to keep you comfortable and safe while exploring.

Things to Consider

  • Older models may have a reduced 2,000kg braked towing capacity.
  • Has van-like looks, so other vehicle types are typically more stylish.
  • Not the most fun to drive once the caravan is unhitched.

What should you consider before buying a used car for towing caravans?

Before you buy a used car for towing a caravan, there are various factors you should consider, including:

Service & maintenance history

Cars that have spent their life towing caravans have typically travelled more miles than those that haven’t, as their owners venture off on long road trips. This isn’t necessarily a negative though, as plenty of this distance would have been completed cruising along motorways.

However, it’s always worth having a thorough look at the vehicle’s service and maintenance records to ensure any required work has been completed in good time.


Whether you need additional space for extra luggage or want to ensure the interior is friendly for family members, it’s well worth thinking about how practical you need the car to be. Some vehicles won’t come with additional features such as roof rails and a tow bar as standard, so ensure any vehicle you’re considering has everything you need.


Look for a car with a powerful engine, especially one that provides ample torque at lower RPMs. Diesel engines are often preferred for towing due to their high torque output, but there are plenty of sufficient petrol and EV options available that are more than capable of doing the job. Consider the vehicle’s fuel efficiency when towing too, as it can significantly affect how far your car can travel before needing a top-up.

Required licenses

According to the gov.uk website, most standard UK licenses allow drivers to legally tow some form of weight but it’s worth double-checking any regulations to ensure you can legally and safely tow a caravan.

If you passed your test before January 1997 then you can tow any loads that do not exceed 8,250kg of gross train weight (GTW). Those who passed after January 1997 will need to take an additional driving test to tow anything over 3,500kg GTW.

Tips for finding and buying a used car suitable for towing caravans

When searching for a used car that’s suitable for towing caravans you’ll first want to draw up a shortlist of what you want. This should include elements such as budget, required practicality and any other features you prioritise. From there, you’re then able to browse online in a more effective manner to narrow down your options.

You may also want to consider reading some expert reviews of any vehicles you’re interested in, as this can give you a better feel of a vehicle before arranging a test drive.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search, you’ll need to decide how you plan on purchasing a used car. There are various finance agreements (such as PCP, HP and CS) that allow you to spread the cost of the vehicle over a pre-defined amount of time. It’s highly recommended to test drive any vehicle before buying – this way, you can ensure it’s the right fit and that there are no underlying issues.

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