Hear the word ‘saloon’ and Audi, BMW or Mercedes likely spring to mind. Admittedly, these manufacturers have built a solid reputation for their saloon cars, but they’re not the only ones to be putting worthy saloons out onto the market. The Stinger from Kia Motors, the Model 3 from Tesla and the Passat from Volkswagen, plus several others, are all out there and giving them a run for their money.  
Saloons provide a sense of balance. If you want a larger car but don’t fancy grappling with the bulk of an SUV, a saloon is there to fill the gap. If you want a stylish car but a hatchback doesn’t quite do the trick for you, again the saloon is there to save the day. Not only that, saloons are comfortable, spacious and practical, which makes them good for families.  

What should you look for in a saloon? 

A good saloon car will have plenty of legroom and headroom for you and your passengers. It will also have a decent amount of boot space, although hatchbacks steal the march on them slightly in this latter aspect. Since saloons have a reputation for being comfortable and sophisticated, expect comfortable seating and a generally nice interior.  
A saloon is all about the driving experience. Being a little larger, you’ll want the car to handle well and the engine should deliver a reasonable amount of power to cope with the car’s size, but not something you’d see on a racetrack.  

Nicest saloons to drive on the British roads 

Thinking of treating yourself to that something that little bit more luxurious? A saloon car could be just the ticket. Easy on the eye. Refined on the inside and outside. Sophisticated. Yes, you’re definitely onto something with a saloon. Here are 10 of the best saloons to drive in the UK. We get things underway with the Giulia from Alfa Romeo….