Test your knowledge with our Electric Vehicle Myth Buster Quiz!

Whether you’re looking to buy your first electric or hybrid car, you’re a seasoned EV veteran or you’re simply looking to improve your understanding, our Electric Vehicle Myth Buster Quiz gives you a chance to put your knowledge to the test. 

This short quiz doesn’t just allow you to measure your EV understanding, but also reveals the true answers to some common misconceptions about electric cars. By taking part, you can ensure that you are truly up to scratch with your knowledge, making sure you’re in the best position possible before starting your journey to buy an electric vehicle. 

In this quiz, you’ll find the answers to frequently asked questions like: how do electric cars perform in cold weather, and do used electric vehicles need their batteries changed? With answers to these questions and more, our Myth Busting Quiz puts you firmly in the driver’s seat on your EV purchasing journey. 

Electric Car Charging Guide

Electric Cars are here to stay and if you are considering getting behind the wheel of one, you’ll find this complete guide very useful.

For first time EV owners, charging your vehicle may seem like a complicated and unfamiliar process. However, our experts here at Motors have prepared this straightforward and easy-to-understand guide to charging your vehicle, providing useful answers to anything you may be unsure of. 

While answering big questions such as: how much does it cost to charge an electric car and what is regenerative braking, this guide also answers more specific queries like: how many public EV charging points are there in the UK and how can I charge my electric vehicle on the go?

So, if you’re feeling a little uneasy about charging your electric vehicle, fear not – Motors has your back! By using our expert guide, you too can supercharge your knowledge of electric vehicle charging. 

A Guide to Electric Car Tax

Taxes. They’re often the least exciting part of being a car owner. Regardless, it’s important that you understand them, to ensure you avoid any future dramas. With an electric car, it’s just as important to understand what you need to do, hence why we’ve created this simple and easy-to-understand guide to properly taxing your electric vehicle. 

In this guide, our Motors experts explain all you need to know about taxing your electric vehicle. While electric vehicles currently do not need to be taxed in the UK, this will be changing. This guide is the perfect place to find the most up to date information about current tax laws for your electric car. 

So if you are feeling at all unclear about what you need to do, fear not – we’ve got you covered. Our straightforward guide on taxing your electric vehicle aims to turn sorting your taxes from a frustrating fuddle into smooth sailing.

The Best Hybrid 4x4s

If you’re looking for the performance and durability of a 4×4 with the added economical benefits of a hybrid vehicle, but don’t know where to start: we’ve got you covered. Our roundup of the best hybrid 4x4s, written by our Motors experts, is a simple and straightforward guide to the very best options on the market today. 

With stats, tips and recommendations – along with links to our expert reviews – our guide to the best hybrid 4x4s lays out all you need to know before making any decisions. Plus, if you decide one of these environmentally friendly powerhouses is up your street, our guide provides links to some of the best used options around. 

So, if you’re after a vehicle with better handling in tough weather conditions, more affordable running costs and a smaller environmental footprint: our list of the best hybrid 4x4s will steer you straight in the right direction.

The Best Hybrid and Electric Sports Cars

If the idea of a sports car being an electric or a hybrid leaves you scratching your head, then this guide is an absolute must-read. Able to provide the style and performance of a traditional sports car, while still maintaining attractively low running costs and emissions, there’s never been a better time to consider making your next sports car an electric or hybrid.

Our guide to the best hybrid and electric sports cars not only includes our expert recommendations on the best options on the market, but also need-to-know tips, stats and links to detailed reviews, written by our in-house experts. 

For those considering sprucing up their driveway with an electric or hybrid sports car, this guide is the perfect place to start your buying journey, providing everything you need to know before hunting for your very own electric or hybrid sports car. 

Latest Electric & Hybrid news

Electric Cars: How Do They Work?

If you’ve heard the buzz about their cheap running costs, their lower emissions and their reliability, yet don’t have the first idea about how they actually work, then you’re in luck. Our simple, yet informative guide to electric cars and how they run is the perfect place to answer any questions you may have, as well as some you haven’t even considered. 

Within this easy to understand guide, we answer the most important questions you may have about how your electric car works, such as what are the different types of electric car, or how do electric car batteries work? We also answer some more specific queries like what are the internal parts of an electric car and how are electric cars made?

To ensure you’ve got all the knowledge to hunt down your perfect electric car with confidence, this thorough guide written by our in-house experts provides you with all you need to know to make buying an electric vehicle a walk in the park. 

How Do Hybrid Cars Work?

While you may be clued up on traditional vehicles and have a pretty good understanding of EVs, do hybrid cars leave you guessing? Here at Motors, we’ve put together this detailed and expertly informed guide on everything you’d need to know about hybrid cars, so you can pinpoint your perfect vehicle with confidence. 

This guide gives you the rundown on everything you might be wondering about hybrid vehicles, such as: how do they work and how do you charge a hybrid vehicle’s batteries? It also provides answers to more specific questions like: what is stop start technology and what is the difference between a hybrid and a self charging hybrid? 

With answers to these questions and more, we’re here to make your hybrid vehicle purchasing experience a carefree cruise, arming you with everything you need to know before buying your own hybrid car. 

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