Getting your hands on one of the best used electric SUVs means you’ll be part of a very popular club. There are lots of options in this very successful segment, with different manufacturers creating their own battery-powered SUVs as a way of getting in on the action.

Why do electric SUVs make sense? Well, with a larger bodystyle there’s more space to fit bigger batteries while still maintaining the kind of space that we’ve all come to expect from SUVs. Some of the best electric SUVs feel quite ‘normal’, too, so they’re a great first place to start for drivers that might be new to the EV world.

There are plenty of options on the used market, so we’ve cherry-picked some for you to consider.

Why should you buy a used electric SUV?

There are a few of key reasons why a used electric SUV could be ideal for you.

Enhanced interior space

Electric SUVs offer a big boot and a roomy interior, so they’re great for larger families or bigger groups. Plus, many electric SUVs come with a variety of ISOFIX mounting points, so you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to child seats.

Increased driving range

You’ll find some of the longest ranges in electric SUVs courtesy of larger batteries. If you’re a big-distance driver, then this will mean you spend less time at the charger and more time on the road.

All-wheel drive capability

Most electric SUVs come with all-wheel-drive so they provide better traction in poor weather conditions or on slippery surfaces.

Raised driving position

A raised seating position means that many drivers will find an electric SUV confidence-inspiring from behind the wheel

What should you consider before buying a used electric SUV?

There are some things to think about before you dive into electric SUV ownership.


Do you need a car as large as an electric SUV? Because of their large shape, electric SUVs take a little bit more planning when it comes to parking and positioning. You’ll need to take your time around tighter multi-storey car parks, too.


Electric SUVs are often more expensive than compact hatch EVs, so you might have to pay a premium in order to get one. However, there are still some great deals to check out on


As with all electric vehicles, you’ll need to think about how you’re going to charge it. If you’ve got off-street parking then you’ll need to have a charger installed or, if that isn’t possible, then you’ll need to rely on public charging – it’s worth researching your nearest chargers if this is the case.

The Best Electric SUVs

We’ve got plenty of used electric SUVs to check out, with all of them here to offer something different. If you’re after some of the best used electric SUVs available, then get reading below.

  • Jaguar I-Pace
  • Ford Mustang Mach-e
  • Audi e-tron
  • Mercedes EQC
  • BMW iX
  • Tesla Model X
  • Volkswagen ID.4
  • Skoda Enyaq
  • MG ZS EV
  • Kia EV6


1. Jaguar I-Pace (2018-present)

Jaguar got well ahead of the game when it released the I-Pace. Though Jag might be best known for its rather traditional range of saloons and sports cars, it showed that it could take a far more modern approach when it launched the I-Pace, several years ahead of most of its key competitors.

But despite being one of the trendsetters, the I-Pace makes for a superb used electric SUV purchase. It’s very well made inside and has a clever dual-screen infotainment setup which is both great to look and easy to use, too.

From new, the I-Pace comes with a range of up to 292 miles from a charge, so even used examples should be able to deliver plenty of distance between trips to the plug. The I-Pace also has plenty of boot space while its upright design means there’s lots of headroom too.

Best Features

  • The I-Pace has a really futuristic cabin which looks and feels impressive
  • The I-Pace can accept a maximum charge rate of 100kW, which would return a 20-80 per cent charge in 40 minutes
  • A full charge at a standard 7kW home charger will take around 13 hours
Things to consider
  • Earlier I-Pace models had a maximum home charge rate of 7kW; later versions boost this to 11kW
  • Entry-level S versions are packed with equipment including LED headlights and Bluetooth connectivity
  • The rear screen of the I-Pace is quite narrow, so reversing can prove a bit tricky

2. Ford Mustang Mach-e (2020-present)

Ford might’ve stayed quiet on the electric car front for a little while, but it definitely arrived with a bang when it launched the Mustang Mach-e in 2020. Channelling some of the heritage brought on with the use of that iconic name, the Mach-e is a car that aims to blend usual Ford traits with some very modern features.

It’s why you’ll find a smart, well-designed cabin which also has a huge portrait-orientated infotainment screen. A really cool feature is the clever ‘frunk’ at the front which is plastic-lined, so you can actually fill it up with ice and use it as a cool box for those hot days at the beach.

Its SUV shape means it’s roomy inside, too, while the rear seats fold down completely flat to provide a really big boot area. In terms of practicality, the Mach-e is right up there.

Best Features

  • The aforementioned ‘frunk’ makes the Mach-e even more versatile, while inside you’ll find plenty of cubbies and boxes to help keep the interior tidy
  • Ford says that the Mach-e will travel for up to 304 miles on a single charge, which means that it’s more than up for the challenge of longer trips
  • Fast charging capability means that the 73 miles of range can be added to the Mach-e in 10 minutes
Things to consider
  • The Mach-e’s interior is quite digital-focused, so it does take a little getting used to
  • The Mach-e can be used to tow, should you need it
  • The Mach-e is available with all-wheel-drive as an option

3. Audi e-tron (2019-2022)

The e-tron was the car to kickstart Audi’s electric revolution. A big, luxurious electric SUV, it’s a car which personifies the brand’s reputation for premium finishes and refined driving experiences.

It’s also one of the best used electric SUVs to buy now. Audi saw fit to refresh the e-tron in 2022 – rebadging it ‘Q8 e-tron’ in the process – but it didn’t mess with the basic formula all that much, meaning that early models make for a great used buy. There’s a nice variety of colours to choose from too.

It’s spacious but cocoon-like inside and there’s loads of equipment fitted as standard, including a clever dual-screen setup which looks quite futuristic. We really like the controls for the gears, too, which seem to have been modelled around an aircraft’s throttle. Plus, a handy frunk ensures that there’s somewhere to store the charging cables when they’re not in use.

Best Features

  • The e-tron has bags of space and seating for five people, so it’s ideal for larger families
  • Some versions were equipped with optional ‘digital mirrors’ which use cameras instead of the conventional wing mirrors. They’re a very high-tech feature but do take some getting used to
  • At 254 miles, the e-tron’s range wasn’t quite as competitive as rivals
Things to consider
  • The e-tron was available in three flavours: entry-level ’50’, a more powerful ’55’ and the range-topping ‘e-tron S’
  • Two battery packs could be specified – 71 or 95kWh – and you’ll want the bigger one if you want the best range
  • The e-tron is quite a large car, so you’ll need to take extra care when negotiating tighter spaces

4. Mercedes EQC (2019-present)

The EQC marked a turning point for Mercedes. Its arrival meant a whole new age of electric models with a three-point star on the nose and it’s gone on to prove very popular. As a result, there are loads of examples currently available on – it’s a great used electric SUV to buy if you like variety.

With a range of 255 miles it’s about right for this list, and it can be charged at speeds of up to 110kW, too, which would mean a 10 to 80 per cent charge in around 45 minutes – just in time for a break or some food!

But it’s inside where the EQC has the ‘wow’ factor. There are loads of high-definition screens while ambient lighting packages mean you can make the interior purple, red or any colour you fancy. There’s plenty of space inside, too, though taller passengers might find the rear a little cramped.

Best Features

  • The EQC has a really sleek design which still looks great today even after a few years on sale
  • A speedy charge rate means that you don’t have to hang around at the plug for too long
  • The interior has loads of connectivity features and mirroring your phone on the display is simple
Things to consider
  • There’s only battery size available, so you’re limited to that single claimed range
  • A limited number of colours means there’s not too much scope for personalisation
  • EQC prices have remained strong so they might attract a premium

5. BMW iX (2021-present)

If it’s presence you’re after from your next used electric SUV, then look no further than the BMW iX. It’s BMW’s largest, most luxurious electric SUV and, as a result, is jam-packed with loads of high-tech features.

BMW has also used loads of clever materials – like lightweight carbon fibre – to make the iX as nimble to drive as possible. It’s also available with a range of battery and motor options, with the most long-legged iX versions able to cover up to 391 miles between charges.

Some real effort has been put into the iX’s suspension, too, and out on the road it manages to glide over lumps and bumps in the road. Inside, there’s a boatload of space while headroom is great for all occupants. A flat-floor means that there’s plenty of room for people’s feet, too, and there are loads of high-end materials used throughout.

Best Features

  • The iX is a very large SUV, so it’s got the best amount of space inside possible
  • The build quality throughout is excellent and everything feels very well put together
  • All versions get plenty of equipment, including four-zone climate control and a full Harmon/Kardon premium sound system
Things to consider
  • The iX comes with an oddly-shaped ‘squircle’ steering wheel which might take some getting used to
  • As an expensive car from new, the iX will be command a higher price in the used market than others here
  • The iX is a very large SUV so might not be best for people with tighter driveways or limited parking options

6. Tesla Model X (2016 to present)

If you want an electric SUV that offers a great deal of space, it’s hard to beat the Tesla Model X. It was the first real electric SUV, and is quite unique in the fact it’s one of few models in this class available with seven seats, though a five-seat configuration was standard. A six-seat version was also available for a more executive feel.

Various versions of the Model X are available, though all deliver impressive performance and a great electric range. The latest versions are able to travel as much as 337 miles (claimed) from a charge. There is also Tesla’s dedicated ‘Supercharger’ network, which really helps to speed up the charging process on longer trips, with the firm remaining the only car firm to operate its own charging network like this.

If you like technology, you’ll love the Model X’s cabin as well, as its dominated by a huge central touchscreen that handles a whole variety of features. Tesla’s driver assistance technology also remains some of the best around.

Best Features

  • Access to Tesla’s Supercharger network is a major win.
  • Seven-seat flexibility is rare in the electric SUV class.
  • Gullwing rear doors are a real party trick.
Things to consider
  • Tesla build quality isn’t always the best, so inspect for any signs of excess wear or damage.
  • Model X is a big car (similar dimensions to a Range Rover).
  • Central screen can be tricky to use at first, but you quickly get used to it.

7. Volkswagen ID.4 (2021-present)

Though it was Volkswagen’s ID.3 that kickstarted this German firm’s dedicated line-up of electric cars, the model that has really helped to increase VW’s sales is the larger ID.4. It’s now its best-selling electric car, with sales soaring since its introduction in 2021.

This mid-size SUV is an ideal model for families, owing to its generous rear-seat space and a large boot as well. The cabin is well-built too, with lots of light and airy materials contributing to that feeling of space.

Volkswagen is offering the ID.4 in a range of different guises and powertrain options, with the largest 77kWh battery model able to travel up to a claimed 328 miles from a single charge, which is particularly competitive. With generous equipment levels and great deals to be had on nearly-new models, this VW is certainly worth your consideration.

Best Features

  • Long electric range of up to 328 miles.
  • Spacious and flexible interior is ideal for family life.
  • Sporty GTX model brings close to 300bhp for those wanting something a bit faster.
Things to consider
  • Smaller 52kWh battery versions don’t have as a long a range, around a claimed 210 miles.
  • Software on the ID.4 can be glitchy, so make sure everything works as it should.
  • Volkswagen also offers the ID.5, which is very similar to the ID.4, but brings cooler coupe-like styling.

8. Skoda Enyaq (2021-present)

Skoda has built up a fantastic reputation for its cars’ impressive spaciousness, reliability and affordability, and those are three traits this firm has managed to successfully carry over into the electric age.

The Enyaq arrived in 2021 as Skoda’s first bespoke electric car, built around the same underpinnings used on the Volkswagen ID.4 above. This brings some key advantages, not least when it comes to packaging, as this SUV is easily one of the roomiest cars in its class, and ideal for families looking to go electric without sacrificing on space.

You can choose the Enyaq in various guises, with the standard ’80’ model being the best in terms of range –Skoda claims you can travel up to 339 miles from a charge. There is also a sportier vRS model available (the first EV to wear the brand’s performance badge), while a Coupe version can be had if you’re happy to swap a bit of practicality for style.

Best Features

  • Great electric range of up to 339 miles.
  • Hugely spacious interior
  • Generous equipment levels.
Things to consider
  • Do you want the standard SUV or the sleeker Coupe model?
  • Earlier versions of the Enyaq were far slower to charge, so make sure to ask that any used car has the quickest charging functionality.
  • Enyaq will be slightly cheaper to buy than the equivalent Volkswagen ID.4.

9. MG ZS EV (2019-present)

If you think an electric SUV has to be expensive, MG is out to prove this isn’t the case with its value-packed ZS EV. Though a bit smaller than other vehicles on this list, we suspect many would be happy with the level of space on offer for a fairly compact crossover.

The ZS EV was MG’s first electric car in 2019, and has helped to establish the firm as a major player when it comes to EVs. While earlier versions didn’t have the longest of ranges (around 145 miles), a 2021 update saw the introduction of a ‘Long Range’ version that increased this to a a far more usable 273 miles.

The level of equipment you get on the ZS EV is generous, while it punches well above its weight and price suggests with its cabin quality, driving experience and general roominess on offer.

Best Features

  • All ZS EVs come with an impressive level of standard equipment included.
  • MG’s seven-year warranty means all used versions will still be covered for a number of years.
  • Terrific value for money by electric SUV standards.
Things to look for
  • Charging flaps can be flimsy, so make sure it opens and closes as it should.
  • It wasn’t until 2021 that a longer-range ZS EV became available.
  • Top-spec models bring a lot more creature comforts than standard versions.

10. Kia EV6 (2021-present)

Kia’s EV6 doesn’t have the most conventional SUV of shapes, but it’s an eye-catching alternative to more ‘normal’ looking cars in this class. The South Korean firm took advantage of its dedicated EV underpinnings, creating a car that looks like nothing else on the road, and that’s a good thing.

It’s a car more than capable of rivalling – and in many cases, beating – premium rivals, with Kia’s focus on quality and technology really appealing to buyers as the EV6 has been a big success so far. It’s spawning a dedicated line-up of electric models, too.

But perhaps the stand-out thing with the EV6 is its impressive electric architecture. With the possibility of charging the battery from 10 to 80 per cent in less than 20 minutes, this is one of the fastest-charging cars around. A range of up to 328 miles is excellent, too.

Best Features

  • Cool styling that’s like nothing else on the road.
  • High-tech interior.
  • EV6 is one of the fastest-charging electric cars around.
Things to consider
  • Choice of rear- and four-wheel-drive models available.
  • Uniquen styling won’t be to all tastes.
  • Premium feel of the EV6 makes you question the need to choose a more ‘upmarket’ car brand.

Tips for finding and buying a used electric SUV

If you’re shopping around for an electric car, an SUV makes life a little easier, given these are by far the most popular type of vehicle to electrify. There’s plenty of choice on the used market, too, albeit most vehicles are newer rather than older.

It’s worth shopping around and checking used prices, too, as electric car valuations are quite varied, with some models suffering steep depreciation at first, but these make them a great used buy. A Jaguar I-Pace or Audi e-tron are especially good in this respect.

Make sure the electric SUV suits your needs, too. You don’t want to end up with anything too small or too big for your needs. Make sure the range suits you, too, if you’re doing big mileage, you don’t want to choose a short-range EV.

Make sure to read plenty of reviews when deciding on the car for you, watch our YouTube videos and then carry out any checks on the individual vehicles, such as a HPI report, and this will help you on your journey to getting your new electric SUV.

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