Luxury cars by their very nature aim to bring the ultimate in comfort and quality, for both the driver and those being driven. Whether you are a millionaire looking for the best chauffeured experience, an executive business person who likes to drive in style, or a city professional who enjoys the finer things in life, the best luxury cars deliver a level of prestige and refinement you won’t find in an ordinary car.


Buying a pre-owned luxury vehicle is a great idea for several reasons. The most obvious point is the fact you can save a lot of money, but other benefits include:

  • Beating queues and waiting lists, which the more prestigious marques often carry when buying new
  • Less depreciation – luxury cars tend to depreciate quickly in the first year, then level out to depreciate a lot slower, holding a lot more of their value than standard second-hand vehicles
  • Cutting-edge technology and safety equipment, which has yet to be implemented in non-luxury vehicles
  • The prestige – luxury cars tend to turn heads and announce your arrival in style


All of the cars on this list have a distinct level of refinement, offering that little bit more (often a lot more) than other autos. When it comes to opulence, prestige, comfort, and tech, these cars set the benchmark. Read on to discover our top 10 best luxury cars, which bring you the very best the automotive world has to offer.