Looking for a four-wheel drive car for off-roading or for extra traction in tough weather conditions? And would you like that vehicle with better fuel efficiency, lower CO2 emissions, and a more environmentally friendly hybrid powertrain? Then you’ve come to the right place.


Whilst the majority of the 4x4s on the market and on this list are plug-in hybrids, which allow you to charge the batteries at a public charging point or at home, there are other hybrid powertrains available. To help you decide which type is best for you, we’ve compiled a quick and easy rundown of the main ones. There are four central variants to consider:

  • Plug-in hybrids
  • Mild hybrids
  • Self-charging hybrids
  • Range-extender hybrids

Of course, every type has their own set of pros and cons, so it’s worth taking a moment to consider which one would suit your motoring lifestyle best. Usually:

  • Plug-in hybrids pair an electric motor with a combustion engine (typically petrol), allowing you to switch between either one whenever needed – it’s often accompanied by a large rechargeable battery that can offer 20+ miles just on the electric motor alone
  • Mild hybrids pair an electric motor with a petrol or diesel engine, improving fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions – typically, they do not have the option to drive solely on electric power
  • Self-charging hybrids (like the name implies) charge themselves, with the batteries getting energy directly from the combustion engine and from regenerative braking – they work like plug-in hybrids, although they normally have shorter range on electric power needing to switch between the combustion engine and electric motor several times in one journey
  • There are currently no new range-extender hybrids on sale in the UK (unless you opt for one of the older BMW i3 models), nonetheless, the way these work is by using an electric drivetrain and a fuel-based auxiliary power unit (APU) designed to increase the battery’s range – naturally, electric cars have made massive gains in recent years in both range and charging stations, so it’s unlikely future cars will adopt this type of hybrid moving forwards


The SUVs on this list offer good fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions thanks to their use of the hybrid powertrain. They all enjoy good four-wheel drive performance too. Some of the cars are true dirt warriors, able to go off the beaten track and able to tackle whatever tough terrain is thrown in their way. Other 4x4s are fantastic for families, proving more suited to light off-roading and poor weather. In short, there’s a good range here to suit a variety of motoring needs. Please, read on to find out our top 10 best hybrid 4x4s.