Ten Supercharger locations in the Netherlands will be freed up to give non-Tesla owners access to charging, utilising the Tesla app to get their cars hooked up. Tesla owners will still be able to use the chargers as usual and the firm will be monitoring the sites to check on congestion levels.

First opened in 2012, Tesla’s Supercharger network has expanded rapidly and now includes more than 25,000 worldwide. The firm said in a statement that it had ‘always been’ an ambition to allow other EV owners to use the Supercharger network as a way to ‘encourage more drivers to go electric’.

Though just acting as a pilot scheme for now, Tesla has said that through additional network expansion it hopes to ‘eventually welcome both Tesla and non-Tesla drivers at every Supercharger worldwide’.

Tesla recently put its Model Y on sale in the UK, bringing the firm’s line-up of cars to four, alongside the Model 3, Model S and Model X. Prices for Long Range Model Y models start from £54,990, with even entry-level models bringing a claimed electric-only range of 315 miles between charges.