Polestar has unveiled a new one-off ‘Arctic Circle’ special edition to show the capability of its electric car in tricky conditions. 

Using the brand’s Polestar 2 as its base, the Arctic Circle model is kitted out with the larger 78kWh battery pack, with the firm’s engineers making a range of tweaks to enhance its ability in wintery conditions. 

The 2 gets a power hike, too, increasing from 408bhp to 470bhp, with torque also getting a bump to 680Nm. It also features custom-made 19-inch alloy wheels wrapped in winter tyres featuring 190 metal studs on each.


A bespoke set of Ohlins dampers have been fitted, while the standard Brembo brakes remain. Front and rear strut braces maximise rigidity and improve steering responsiveness, while Polestar has created a new prototype launch control system. 

Elsewhere, it’s kitted out with a carbon-fibre shovel and a recovery strap to help out in the tricky arctic conditions. 

To make sure it stands out, it gets a unique matte grey and white livery, while it comes with custom Recaro front bucket seats featuring the brand’s trademark gold branding. 

Joakim Rydholm, Polestar’s chief chassis engineer, said: “I wanted to have more fun than usual with this car – really being able to push it in terms of performance and handling in a winter environment like a frozen lake.


“The balance and predictability we have achieved with the raised ride height and specialised tyres are particularly noticeable when you enter a bend completely sideways, with a bigger-than-usual smile on your face, and in total control.”

Every year Polestar carries out a 15-week winter testing programme in the Arctic Circle between December and March to push its prototypes to their limits, while the ultra-cold climate helps to test the durability and capability of the mechanicals to the extreme. 

The standard Polestar 2 costs from £39,000, and offers an electric range of up to 335 miles.