The first electric or hybrid vehicles to spring to most people’s minds are likely the Nissan Leaf or the Renault Zoe, or perhaps a Tesla model. But believe it or not, some models can reach 0-60mph in times that will leave your jaw hanging on the floor. Also – not only can hybrid and electric sports cars deliver on the speed-front, but they’re better for the environment, too.

Environmentally-Friendly Sports Cars

It seems something of a misnomer, the idea of an eco-friendly sports car. Yet engineers are finding clever ways to improve the technology of electric motors, as well as the output of hybrids. In years to come, we’ll certainly be seeing more electric and hybrid sports cars on the market. After all:

  • Car buyers today often look for low running costs and good fuel economy
  • Manufacturers must meet legislation on engine emissions across their entire range
  • Customers are turning to electrics and hybrids more and more
  • Proposed petrol and diesel bans in the UK and other parts of the world will vastly change the new car market
  • Current electric sports cars can actually compete with fossil-fuel counterparts and in some cases outperform them
  • Current hybrids are starting to make brilliant use of the combined electric and fossil fuel power

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Top 10 Best Hybrid and Electric Sports Cars

Stylish? Check. Hybrids and electrics? Check. High-performing? Absolutely. Now read on for our top 10 eco-friendly sports cars.