Electric car mapping service Zap-Map is introducing a new EV charging service that allows motorists to charge their cars with just a single app.

Currently, drivers of EVs have a multitude of different electric car charging firms to deal with – most having individual apps that you activate a charge and pay with. Some firms offer a contactless service, but not all, and there’s often an additional cost for paying this way.

However, Zap-Map, which is known for its navigation tools that help drivers locate electric car chargers, is now introducing a single app that allows motorists to charge their EVs.

In a UK-first, the new Zap-Pay tool aims to simplify the service, and is currently being rolled out with Engenie, and then with firms such as ESB EV Solutions, LiFe and Hubsta later this year. By 2021 the firm hopes to be rolled out across the UK network.

Ben Lane, CTO and joint managing director at Zap-Map said: “More people than ever are buying an EV, but providing a seamless charging experience is essential to accelerate this shift, cut carbon emissions and clean our air. We already buy much of our shopping with the tap of a finger – Zap-Pay means that EV charging is now the same.

“No one should need dozens of accounts, apps and cards to charge their car. With one simple app, drivers can now simply plug in and the app manages the rest.”

(Picture Credit – Book My Charge)