Audi has announced an expansion to its UK charging service that now covers nearly three-quarters of plug-in points.

The German marque launched its ‘e-tron charging service’ in January 2020, with the aim of increasing convenience for drivers of its EVs when plugging their cars into public charging points. At its launch, it covered roughly a third of the UK’s chargers, but continued expansion means that almost 75 per cent are now included, according to Audi.

This latest jump is thanks to the addition of BP Pulse – one of the UK’s largest electric car charging companies – which joins other big names such as Pod Point, Source London, Ionity and 19 other UK providers. Audi says it means that 17,500 chargers are now covered.

Through the ‘e-tron charging service’, drivers are given an RFID card that is able to unlock all the aforementioned chargers, saving any hassle with using separate apps and cards – which is something needed with many providers.

Every new plug-in hybrid and electric Audi is said to come with this card in the glovebox, though a driver will need to register it and then choose a subscription tariff. The first is a ‘City’ tariff that costs £4.91 a month, and offers standardised rates of charging per kilowatt (kWH) from 29p up to 70p.

A ‘Transit’ tariff is aimed at those doing greater distances, and costs a steeper £16.81 per month, though offers significantly cheaper charging at Ionity’s 350kW rapid chargers – reducing the rate from 70p per kWh to 28p. Reduced charging rates are also offered at some other providers.

Andrew Doyle, director of Audi UK, said: “Audi’s aim has always been to make the transition from combustion to electrified vehicles as easy as possible for our customers, and the expansion of our ultra-convenient e-tron charging service is a clear demonstration of that.

“With only one card Audi customers now have access to almost 75% of the UK’s public charging points – that’s a vast collection of fast, rapid and ultra-rapid charging points across the country, which will provide them with greater flexibility and convenience day-to-day.”

Audi’s electric range includes the e-tron SUV, as well as the new e-tron GT and more affordable Q4 e-tron. Plug-in hybrids are now available on much of the range, from the more affordable A3 through to the flagship A8.