A trial that saw pop-up electric car chargers being installed on a street in Oxford has been labelled as a huge success, and could shape on-street EV charging.

British startup Urban Electric installed the points at a street in Oxford to explore how those without off-street parking (some 43 per cent of motorists) could charge their electric cars.

Installed back in November in association with Oxford City Council, the app-operated 7kW chargers retract fully into the ground when they’re not being used – something Urban Electric says makes them suitable for 90 per cent of residential streets. The charging aims to minimise the “unsightly street clutter usually associated with traditional charging posts”, the firm said.

In a survey conducted after the trial by the council, the points were rated highly by those using the chargers, and interestingly also by residents who didn’t actually use the points.

Urban Electric cofounder Olivier Freeling-Wilkinson said: “We were delighted to learn that all residents – not just EV drivers – were ‘very happy’ with the installation of a charging hub on their street, validating the pop-up hub concept as a breakthrough in on-street charging for electric vehicles.”

Joanna Spencer, an EV owner that utilised the chargers during the trial labelled them “a truly innovative idea”.

She said: “Urban Electric hub is completely discreet and makes the business of charging really stress free and convenient. I hope pop-up chargers become standard in every street, as it’s a truly innovative idea.”