Carbon emissions. They’re in the news every day, with everyone across the board being recommended to reduce their CO2 emissions in order to protect our planet and halt the damage that is being caused to it.

But the thing is, working out how to reduce your CO2 impact on the planet can be tricky. Particularly for those going through the rigours of day-to-day life – paying bills, commuting to work and heating a home – it can be easy to forget about CO2 emissions, but it’s something we should all be looking out for. Big businesses need to be aware of their emissions too in order to help combat climate change.

iOffset is a company looking to provide a stepping stone into reducing and offsetting CO2 emissions. Here, we’re going to check this company out and see what they’re doing to help people and businesses reduce their impact on the world.

So what is iOffset?

iOffset was created as a way of giving people an access point to offset their emissions and lower their impact on the climate. On a personal level, it shows people how they can reduce their carbon emissions and then provide a way of offsetting those CO2 emissions which are unavoidable. This is done through accredited projects that prevent or remove carbon from the atmosphere. You can find out more about these projects here.

What does carbon offsetting mean?

Carbon offsetting is essentially a way of compensating for the CO2 emissions you’ve produced. By investing in projects which work to reduce future emissions, you’re able to balance out the impact that you’ve had on the planet. For instance, if you’re taking a flight, you might want to invest in a reforestation programme which compensates for this travel through the planting and protection of trees.

But what about businesses?

Of course, businesses create more CO2 through their operations and therefore have a great impact on the environment. But by applying their processes on a larger scale, iOffset can help to assist businesses to lessen their environmental footprint and offset CO2 emissions in the same way as individuals can.

Is there a way to see how much carbon my lifestyle generates?

For sure. A calculator on iOffset’s website here can allow you to total up various aspects of your life and see the amount of carbon being generated. Take your diet for example. If you eat mainly vegetables and don’t throw much food away, then your offset requirement will be low. However, if you eat more red meat and often have a lot of food waste then you’ll need to offset this. You can also tailor the requirement depending on how many people are in your household.

What is the charge for this service?

Of course, offsetting projects don’t come for free. However, fortunately, the monthly cost for an average user of iOffset’s service is around £7 a month for someone who has a balanced diet, spends around £15 a week on fuel for their car and does two short-haul flights every three years.

What kind of offsetting projects are being undertaken?

All manner of projects are being conducted by iOffset as ways to counteract carbon emissions. These include protecting the River Ribble here in the UK, to the restoration of forests in Indonesia – a project which has generated 7.5 million triple gold certified carbon credits – equivalent to taking 3.5 million cars off the road each year.

So how can I sign up?

To get involved, you can use iOffset’s calculator to find out how much CO2 you’re putting into the atmosphere through activities like flying and driving, or even through heating your home. Then, the calculator will add up how much you need to invest in order to offset these emissions – simple!