Car manufacturers are trying to do their bit too, with many starting to implement more vegan-friendly building processes as a way of reducing their impact on the planet. Though no car can claim to be completely vegan, there are plenty of cars that put in place measures to get close. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable. 

Reasons to buy vegan friendly cars

We can all do a little to help the environment and, by choosing cars with vegan-friendly approach, we can reflect this in how we drive. Though, as we mentioned, no car on sale today can claim to be completely vegan, there are many on sale today which adopt a more eco-conscious approach which helps to lessen their impact on their planet. 

One of the fundamental ways to do this is by ditching leather seats and trim. Plenty of cars do this – and some don’t even offer leather whatsoever – but this can be an initial way to opt for a car with a more vegan-friendly take on things.

1. Volvo C40

Volvo’s C40 Recharge has just hit the road, arriving as the firm’s second fully-electric model after the XC40 Recharge. It has, however, become the Swedish firm’s first car to use a cabin without any leather whatsoever. 

This is something that’ll be incorporated into all of the brand’s future EVs, too, so it’s not just a one-model affair.

Best Features

  • Eco-friendly electric powertrain
  • High-tech interior
  • Decent performance

2. Polestar 2

It’ll probably come as little surprise that Polestar – a direct relation to Volvo – has also created cars with a vegan-friendly approach. Its 2 saloon, which is fully electric and packed with the latest technology, has all manner of vegan components. 

The seat covers are vegan, as is the steering wheel and gear shifter. Polestar has also championed the use of recycled materials, too.

Best Features

  • Concept car-like looks
  • Electric powertrain
  • Spacious interior

3. BMW i3

You can probably see a theme developing here – electric cars are often the ones with the most eco-friendly options available. The i3 is no different, with vegan-friendly cloth seats used alongside recycled and wood finishers. 

Plus, what leather is used in the interior is artificial – furthering the i3’s vegan-friendly status.

Best Features

  • Compact size makes it great for town driving
  • Interior still looks great today
  • Performance i3S version is available

Used prices from £12,995

4. Tesla Model S

Tesla’s range of cars can’t actually be specified with a leather interior, with an artificial alternative used instead. Couple this with the Model S’ eco-friendly electric powertrain and it’s one of the best vegan-friendly options around.

Though it comes with a leather steering wheel as standard, this can be swapped out for an artificial leather version if required.

Best Features

  • Access to Tesla’s Supercharger network
  • Huge performance
  • Good level of in-car technology

Used prices from £31,950

5. Porsche Taycan

Porsche’s impressively powerful Taycan has been engineered with impressive precision, ensuring that its electric powertrain is just as punchy as it is efficient. 

It’s available with a variety of leather-free interior options too, while its floor coverings are made from recycled fishing nets.

Best Features

  • Classic Porsche build quality
  • Huge performance
  • Well-made interior

Used prices from £96,950

6. Ford Mustang Mach-e

Yet another electric car, the Mustang Mach-e is Ford’s latest EV and has been designed to capture some of the excitement people associate with that famous name but in a battery-powered vehicle. 

Much like others on this list, the Mustang Mach-e uses an interior trimmed in faux leather, helping to boost its eco-friendly credentials.

Best Features

  • Large and spacious interior
  • Huge central infotainment screen
  • Good charging speeds

Used prices from £46,450

7. Fiat 500

The little 500 has become a common sight on the UK’s roads, with its retro-inspired looks finding favour with all manner of buyers up and down the country. But more recently, the 500 has taken an even more eco-friendly approach to motoring. 

In fact, more recent hybrid-powered 500 models now come kitted out in upholstery made from Seaqual Yarn – new material made from recycled plastic. Some 10 per cent of this plastic comes from the sea, while the remainder is collected from the land, combining to make a very eco-conscious material.

Best Features

  • Compact size
  • Efficient engines
  • Eye-catching design 

Used prices from £11,599

8. Mercedes-Benz GLB

The GLB is one of the latest SUVs to join the Mercedes range, bringing an impressive amount of practicality in what is quite a compact bodystyle. There’s also space for seven people, furthering the GLB’s family appeal, while an ultra-wide interior display helps to give the GLB’s interior a particularly futuristic feel. 

Plus, you can kit the GLB’s interior out in the firm’s Artico artificial leather, which helps to improve its eco-credentials that little bit more.

Best Features

  • Practical bodystyle
  • Wide range of engines to choose from
  • Seven seats means greater space

Used prices from £39,900

9. Range Rover Velar

The Velar occupies a middle spot in Range Rover’s line-up, sitting between the larger Range Rover and the Range Rover Sport. Needless to say, it combines the luxury of the former and the dynamism of the latter, finished off with a healthy dose of style and Jaguar Land Rover’s acclaimed off-road technology. 

But most importantly for this list, the Velar can be kitted out with all manner of non-leather materials. There’s a man-made suede, as well as a new type of upholstery created from recycled eucalyptus.

Best Features

  • Luxuriously made interior
  • Loads of technology on-board
  • Great off-road prowess

Used prices from £29,850

10. Nissan Leaf

Nissan’s Leaf has always had an eco-conscious approach to things. After all, it has progressed over the years to become one of the most popular electric cars on sale and, because it has been for a little while, is a real hit on the used market too. 

Plus, its interior is finished in cloth upholstery, so it does away with the leather finish used on many of the Leaf’s rivals.

Best Features

  • Efficient powertrain
  • Plenty of choice in the used market
  • Practical and spacious 

Used prices from: £4,850

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