Digital services provider eEnergy has announced it has partnered with EO Charging to create the UK’s largest public sector electric car charging network, with the aim of installing 50,000 workplace units by 2030.

The two firms are putting a particular focus on the education segment, which they say is ‘significantly underserved’ when it comes to EV charging infrastructure.

With more than 30,000 schools, colleges and universities across the UK employing in excess of 800,000 people, it poses a large opportunity, and aims to ensure that those without provision to charge at home aren’t ‘being left behind’.

The new eCharge service aims to remove the often steep upfront cost of installing chargers, and instead offers education establishments ‘longer term, fully serviced contracts’. According to eEnergy, the chargers will also provide an opportunity for additional revenue by being able to monetise the units when drivers are plugging in.

The first 200 EO installations are expected by April 2022, with the first points set to be fitted at schools run by the Bellevue Place Educational Trust, which operates across London and Berkshire. In 12 months’ time, eCharge aims to have 2,000 points installed. Up to 20 chargers are expected to be installed at schools and workplaces.

Harvey Sinclair, CEO, eEnergy said: “The government has rightly set ambitious net zero targets, and electric vehicles will play a fundamental role. However, ensuring everyone has access to reliable charging, especially for those who cannot plug in at home, poses considerable challenges.

Like many employers, schools face a growing demand for EV chargers just as energy costs reach record highs. Our ambitious rollout will make life easier for teachers and other drivers by offering an affordable and accessible alternative.”