Having children was traditionally the sound of the death knell for sports car ownership. Low-slung two seaters are generally incompatible with transporting children and their plethora of associated gear.

This would normally have seen dads who like driving resigned to a sports saloon or hatchback. And while these are often credible alternatives, they simply do not serve up the thrills of a proper purpose-built sports machine.

However, manufacturers are increasingly waking up to the plight of parents, and most new models come with ISOFIX points to allow for easy fitment of child car seats.

But which model is best for serving up both a visceral driving experience and safe transport for junior? We took five of the most popular and exciting models currently available – including the Porsche Boxster and Lotus Elise S Club Racer – and subjected them to our ‘Will it Fit?’ test, to find out.

Daljinder Nagra


January 31, 2014

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