If you’re after the top level of comfort, performance and technology, then a luxury SUV could be just what you’re after. Manufacturers throw the works at these cars to ensure that they deliver a tip-top experience and that doesn’t change as a car gets older, so you can still have all of that goodness in a used model too.

Some of the best luxury SUVs have all of the standard equipment you could want, with highlights being massage and heated seats, in-car televisions and ultra-long panoramic sunroofs. Naturally, you’ll need to factor in the higher running costs associated with these models – including the cost of repairs, which can often be chunky – but once you’ve done your sums, you’ll be rewarded with some of the more refined cars available today.

The Best Used Luxury SUVs

The good news with used luxury SUVs is that there are plenty to choose from in all shapes and sizes. We’ve got a buffet of great-looking and great-to-drive luxury SUVs to peruse, with different types of engines setups too. That’s right, you’ll find diesel, petrol and electric in this list, so there should be something for you regardless of what engine setup you’re interested in.

1. Bentley Bentayga - (2016-present)

There was quite a bit of backlash when Bentley released its first-ever SUV – the Bentayga. Here was a brand so rooted in luxury saloons that its production of a high-riding model seemed to clang heavily against everything it had done in the past.

Fortunately, sceptics needn’t have been sceptical as the Bentayga turned out to be every bit the ‘proper’ Bentley and it also had a massive impact on the company’s fortunes. There’s good reason why it was such a hit; the Bentayga offers the raised seating position that drivers love, but it still has the luxurious finish and high-end materials that you’d expect from this Crewe-based company.

It doesn’t hang around, either, as with both W12 and V8 engines on offer it’s plenty powerful enough. If you’re after something a little cleaner for the environment, then Bentley also produced a plug-in hybrid version of the Bentayga.

Best Features

  • Great ride quality makes the Bentayga feel extra luxurious.
  • All cars get loads of equipment from the off.
  • Excellent levels of performance from punchy engine range.

Things to consider

  • Quite a number of obviously Audi-sourced parts – the Bentley shares a platform with the German firm’s Q7.
  • Early versions didn’t have the best in-car infotainment system.
  • W12 Bentaygas, though quick, will be very expensive to repair and maintain.

2. Porsche Cayenne - (2018-present)

It could be argued that the Cayenne is the car that saved Porsche. While you might think of the 911 as the firm’s most popular car, it’s actually the high-riding Cayenne which gets snapped up by buyers most of all.

That’s good news, too, because it means there’s a plentiful supply on the used market to check out. This latest generation of Cayenne brought a new level of sharpness to the driving experience while continuing the great build quality that had been seen on older models. It’s available with a variety of engines, too, but what shines through on the Cayenne is how well it goes around corners – this is a large, luxury SUV which goes around bends like a car half its weight.

Best Features

  • Great driving experience makes this a good option for keen drivers.
  • Excellent materials throughout.
  • Later versions were available in striking ‘Coupe’ form if you want some extra drama.

Things to consider

  • Ride can be on the firm side – watch out for models on larger wheels.
  • Not the most amount of equipment as standard.
  • Plug-in hybrid could be the cheapest option fuel-wise.

3. Mercedes GLS - (2015-2020)

The Mercedes GLS is where you’ll want to head if you want a combination of luxury and seven-seater versatility. It’s the largest SUV that Mercedes has to offer, so if people-carrying ability is what you’re after then this could be the car for you.

Effectively an SUV version of the Mercedes S-Class, the GLS has all of the functions that you’d expect from a high-end model such as comfortable, luxurious seats and loads of pleasant materials. Plus, with its air suspension setup, the GLS has the kind of pillow-soft ride that you’d associate with a luxury SUV, helping to take the backache out of those longer journeys,

Best Features

  • Acres of room inside – this is one of the largest SUVs available today.
  • All seven seats get plenty of space.
  • Strong diesel engines are both refined and punchy.

Things to consider

  • The GLS is quite complex in design, so bear this in mind when it comes to repairs and maintenance.
  • Not the most agile through the bends due to its size and weight.
  • Will take more effort to park than others here.

4. Audi e-tron - (2019-present)

Audi broke into the emerging EV market with its e-tron back in 2019, with this comfortable and well-appointed battery-powered SUV showcasing what we could expect from the German firm’s upcoming electric vehicles.

As a result, Audi threw the works at the e-tron with loads of great materials used throughout. It also benefitted from some of the firm’s latest technology, with a snazzy dual-screen infotainment system giving quick and easy access to media, navigation and heating controls. It’s a remarkably comfortable car, too, and is noticeably quiet at speed.

Depreciation hasn’t been kind to the e-tron, but this means it represents an almost unbelievable used buy. Opt for the 55 quattro if you want the longest range of around 254 miles.

Best Features

  • The e-tron is both quiet and comfortable.
  • Spacious inside, while a handy ‘frunk’ under the bonnet gives storage for the charging cables.
  • Excellent value in the used market.

Things to consider

  • Smaller-battery versions can’t offer the best range.
  • More comfort-focused setup means the e-tron isn’t as much fun in the bends.
  • You will need to consider how you’ll be charging the e-tron.

5. BMW X7 - (2019-present)

BMW’s X7 is a leviathan of the road and towers over pretty much every other car out there. Not only that, but BMW’s quirky styling approach has been brought to the fore with the X7, as its huge kidney grilles and super-slim headlights make this a used luxury SUV which looks like no other.

Inside, the X7 is adorned with loads of excellent materials and features. A lot of cars come with snazzy crystal gear selectors which look particularly high-end, while each row of this seven-seater is comfortable and well-appointed with all cars getting four-zone climate control to ensure that everyone can get their own temperature spot-on. You’ll find that most versions get heated front and rear seats, too.

Best Features

  • The X7 is massive inside, so a great option for space-conscious buyers.
  • Good range of engines deliver performance and reasonable efficiency.
  • All versions come loaded with equipment.

Things to consider

  • Size and weight makes the X7 a bit blunted in the bends.
  • Huge proportions means the X7 will be an effort to park.
  • Diesel versions will be the cheapest to run; petrol X7s are thirsty.

6. Audi Q7 - (2015-present)

It feels like the Audi Q7 is an ever-present sight on our roads and, given that the latest version has been around since 2015, it is something of a longstanding contender in the luxury SUV segment.

This well-finished seven-seater SUV makes for a great used buy due to its frequency in the second-hand market. Grab the keys to one and you’ll get a refined and comfortable driving experience, while the solid-planted feel that the Q7 incorporates manages to disguise some of its size and weight. There’s a good number of engines to choose from, too, with the diesels being particularly smooth and well-suited to a car like this. The build quality is top-notch, too – this a car which feels made to last.

Best Features

  • Comfortable and quiet cabin makes the Q7 superb for long journeys.
  • Interior is made to high standard and will manage family life just fine.
  • Engine choices are varied and all are smooth and powerful.

Things to consider

  • Plug-in hybrid Q7s are five-seater only.
  • The Q7 was facelifted in 2019 – bear this in mind if you’re after the sharpest-looking examples.
  • Suspension does feel a bit sharp when you’re driving around town.

7. Range Rover - (2013-2022)

The Range Rover is often seen as the go-to luxury SUV. It’s been a presence on our roads for decades, delivering both go-anywhere capability alongside a beautifully appointed cabin. The Range Rover also has a classless appeal that ensures it looks at home wherever it goes.

This fourth-generation Range Rover saw this model really get into its stride, combining the old-school features that drivers expected as well as a new-found focus on technology. The V6 diesels that power this generation of Range Rover are particularly impressive due to their refined nature and surprising efficiency – though this is still a car that will prove expensive to run. Inside, you’ve got a commanding driving position that gives you a good view of the road ahead, while rear-seat occupants can enjoy plenty of legroom.

Best Features

  • The Range Rover both looks and feels expensive – even earlier models.
  • Plenty of engines to choose from, though the petrols will eat through fuel – we’d lean towards the diesel or plug-in hybrid versions.
  • Off-road versatility is still impressive and make the Rangie great for those who travel off the beaten path.

Things to consider

  • The Range Rover hasn’t got the best reputation for reliability – make sure there’s plenty of service history accompanying any car you’re looking at.
  • Petrol-engined Range Rovers will prove enormously expensive to run.
  • Expect to pay a premium – Range Rovers do tend to hold their value well once into the used market.

8. BMW iX - (2021-present)

BMW’s line-up of electric vehicles has expanded significantly over recent years, with one of its core new additions being the iX. It’s a luxurious electric SUV with a head-turning design which helps it to stand out from the crowd.

Inside, you’ll find a high-end finish throughout with good materials used across the board. We’re big fans of the iX’s wraparound screen setup, too, which combines the infotainment system and usual driver displays under one seemingly flush piece of glass. It looks superb and it’s easy to use, too. Standard ’40’ models have a claimed range of up to 254 miles though if you can trump for the ’50’ version that number rises 280 miles. A range-topping M60 iX is also there if you’re after some extra performance – it can do 0-60mph in just 3.6 seconds.

Best Features

  • Interior is jam-packed with clever technology and features.
  • Large cabin feels bright and spacious.
  • Decent range from all versions.

Things to consider

  • You’ll need somewhere to reliably charge the iX.
  • Other rivals will prove cheaper to purchase overall.
  • High insurance groups means the iX will be quite costly to get cover for.

9. Jaguar I-Pace (2018-present)

Jaguar got in on the electric SUV market well ahead of its rivals when it introduced the original I-Pace back in 2018. Here was a car with all of the features and fittings you’d expect from a ‘proper’ Jaguar, but with a clean-running battery-powered setup that delivered a good amount of range alongside a healthy dose of performance.

Today, the I-Pace represents an absolute steal on the used market with these tech-loaded SUVs now available for a fraction of their brand-new cost. Inside, the I-Pace has a clever dual-screen setup, while all cars come with loads of equipment such as heated seats and a full climate control system. A range of up to 292 miles is good even by today’s standards, meaning that you’re still able to travel a good distance in between trips to the plug.

Best Features

  • The I-Pace’s design still looks fresh today.
  • Interior is well made and has lots of features.
  • Good amount of range ensures the I-Pace can be used for long-distance trips.

Things to consider

  • Lack of rear wiper may feel odd for some drivers.
  • Far from a glowing reliability record.
  • You’ll need somewhere to charge the I-Pace.

10. Range Rover Velar - (2017-present)

Range Rover aimed to plug the gap between the more dynamic Sport and the full-fat model when it introduced the Velar in 2017. It made a big impact, with this eye-catching model combining a bit of both of those cars traits. It’s still superb off-road, too, with JLR’s full suite of go-anywhere features being aboard to ensure that the Velar can tackle the worst conditions – despite the sumptuous materials onboard.

The Velar feels perfectly suited to long journeys, where its comfortable ride and quiet in-car experience combine to create a car which devours big-distance trips. The engines it is powered by are solid, too, bringing both performance and reasonably good efficiency. An added bonus is that the Velar’s residuals haven’t been as strong as other Land Rover products – so they can offer great value in the used market.

Best Features

  • Striking design will get people talking.
  • Inside is well finished while the driving position is nice and raised.
  • Engine choices are plentiful and they’re all smooth and refined.

Things to consider

  • Reliability record isn’t the best.
  • Rear-seat legroom might be a bit tight for some.
  • Neither Apple CarPlay nor Android Auto are available on many models.

What to consider when buying a used luxury SUV

One of the biggest things to consider about buying a used luxury SUV is cost. Remember, that many of the cars on this list have cost near to £100,000 when new, so you’ll still be paying that price for repairs and routine maintenance.

It’s why making sure you know as much about a vehicle’s past is so important and we’d say that paying for a full car check could be a smart move. It’ll flag up any outstanding finance agreements – which you’d be liable for if you became the new owner – as well as whether the car has recently been written-off.

What’s the difference between a normal SUV and a luxury SUV?

The SUV has become a common sight on our roads, with manufacturers from across the board making high-riding models as a reflection of increased demand. However, a luxury SUV takes the same basic idea and elevates it – you’re still getting a raised view of the road ahead, but you’re surrounded by high-quality materials and the very latest technology. You’ll find that most luxury SUVs are also very quiet, due to extra sound deadening and more refined engines being used.