Although it’s not always the deciding factor, the colour of a car can certainly sway your decision-making process when it comes to buying a new vehicle.

The psychology of colours has been widely explored, with each one being attributed to certain types of feelings and moods. Some colours are commonly used in public messages; red for danger, yellow for hazards, and are accepted as a form of communication.

It’s thought that each colour can help to enhance or bring about a type of emotion; a theory which some workplaces have adopted to try to improve their employees’ performance. Those seeking to inspire creativity for example have added hints of orange to break-out seating areas, whilst doctor and dental surgeries are notoriously painted white with hues of green to promote a feeling of cleanliness and well-being.

You may have chosen the paint work on your new motor simply as you thought this was your favourite colour – but what else could it be saying about you? We’ve taken a look at the impression you may be projecting out into the world as you drive on by – subliminally or overtly!

Yellow: the colour of wisdom, joy and happiness. Favoured by intellects, this sunny shade oozes energy and creativity.

Red: Chosen more often by extroverts and males, this fiery colour represents passion and energy. It is also strongly linked to anger however and should be approached with caution.

Blue: Cool, calm and collected. An honest colour linked to sincerity; this colour will reassure those around it.

Green: believed to be ‘healing for the eyes’, you’re unlikely to cause offence on the highway. A change in the shade can make all the difference to its heritage however, so approach the more acidic tones with caution!

White: The advice is to put white in your life to ‘purify and clear clutter and obstacles’. (If only this were literal, you might find yourself arriving at your destination on time!) This colour is kind and thought to be a good colour for new beginnings.

Although you’re likely to spend more time immersed in the colour of your car’s upholstery as opposed to that of its exterior, it’s worth being a bit more mindful of the effect you could be having on admirers to your car! It might even promote ‘colour selection’ to the top of the decision-making list the next time you come to trade in your car…

Sarah Lingard


February 1, 2013

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