If you’re constantly staggered by the number of Police Camera Action-style shows on every other channel post-10pm, then you won’t be surprised to hear that West Midlands police has decided to crown its high-speed pursuit of the year.

Coming top of the table as the most dramatic chase from the last year is the pursuit of a heroin dealer on the M6, which saw the driver zoom along the motorway at up to 109mph while the passenger flung £200,000 of heroin from the car, reports the Daily Mail.

This 12-mile, 30-minute long chase saw the 31-year-old driver and 25-year-old passenger swerving through traffic in attempt to lose the three police cars and helicopter in tow.

However, slick driving from officers saw the criminals neatly shunted off the motorway and boxed in. The duo were swiftly caught and the driver charged with possession of heroin and several driving offences including dangerous driving – being jailed for 15 months – while the passenger received a five-year jail term for possession of heroin with intent to supply.

Watch the handy police driving for yourself in the video above.

Video: West Midlands Police

Chris Lloyd


May 11, 2015