Top Gear has set a new land speed record for a lawnmower, after hitting a Guinness verified 116.575mph on a specialised Honda ride-on model. And they’ve documented their achievement for posterity, in a new video.


The Top Gear lawnmower is officially the fastest in the world

Sporting a 110bhp V-twin engine and capable of getting from 0-60mph in four seconds, the highly modified Honda mower is not your average grass cleaver. In fact, with a power-to-weight ratio of 520bhp per tonne, it even betters a Ferrari F12 for relative performance.

All of which is why the Top Gear team took to an undisclosed test track to vie for world record glory. The Guinness team was there to ensure that everything was above board – mainly ensuring the machine was actually capable of cutting grass.

Lining up on the 2km straight, the mower rockets off the line. There is little for its rider to do except nail perfect gear changes, try to curl himself into as aerodynamic a shape as possible and hang on for dear life. It clearly works, with the team blitzing the old record by over 29mph.

Click play above to watch the Top Gear Honda lawnmower set a new land speed record.

Daljinder Nagra


March 28, 2014