Earlier this year UK motorists welcomed the news that average fuel prices had reached their lowest since 2010.

But how can you maximise the pennies you pump into your petrol tank year-round?

Find out below with our five top tips for improving your MPG:

1. Be speed aware

Keep an eye on that speedometer! Going just ten miles an hour over the speed limit can increase fuel usage by as much as 25%.

2. Gently does it

The more carefully you drive, the less demanding your driving style will be on your fuel tank. This goes for gear changes, acceleration and braking! It’s always better to keep a steady momentum, than to stop and start again.

3. Maintain

Look after your car and it will look after your pennies. Keep on top of services to make sure everything’s running as it should and not using unnecessary energy. Ensuring your tyres are pumped up will also help to increase your MPG. 

4. Slim down

Make sure to take any heavy objects out or off your car when not in use. This goes for prams, golf clubs, roof racks and bicycle racks. Taking them on and off might seem like a pain but you’ll be grateful when your tank goes that extra mile!

5. Switch off

It may seem obvious with additional electrical appliances such as Sat-Navs, chargers or tablets, but built-in car tech such as air con, heated windscreens and telematics all use up valuable energy and decrease your MPG. Be frugal, and switch them off unless you really need them. 

To search for a new car with the best MPG figures, why not use’s Smart Search, or to find out how the cost of your fuel compares to drivers across the world, why not use the BBC’s handy fuel calculator?

Sarah Lewis


April 28, 2015