City cars may be small in size but they’re definitely big in popularity at the moment, with buyers clamouring to get their hands on a new breed of small but fun cars.

If you need a compact car but don’t want to sacrifice practicality, fear not, though, as many of these cute models are available in five-door form, meaning that you don’t have to constantly jump in and out of your seat to let friends in and out of the back.

Whether you’re after a model with dozens of personalisation options, like the funky Renault Twingo, or want something sensible but sleek like the Hyundai i10, there are cars to suit. We’ve rounded up some of the shortest and easiest to park models.

Toyota Aygo – 3.455m long

Starring in a provocative ‘Go Fun Yourself’ ad campaign the sharply-styled Toyota Aygo is one of the smallest five-doors on the market. The rear seats might not be the largest, but they do offer adequate space for all but the tallest adults.

With prices starting from £7,995 the Aygo is also very easy on the pocket, though most buyers will want to dig a little deeper and spend around £10,000 to £11,500 for a more well-specified model with alloy wheels and additional design details that make the most of the Aygo’s sharp lines.

Skoda Citigo – 3.563m long

The Citigo may not be able to compete with the Aygo in the quirky styling stakes, but it does offer a sturdy, spacious interior and several eager 1.0-litre engines. With prices from £8560 in five-door form the Citigo is also suitably affordable for a car of its size.

Buyers after a little more style, however, can opt for the Monte Carlo model, which features bold red paint, chic alloy wheels, body motifs and a funky red and black interior. Prices for the Monte Carlo version start at £10,955, though it shares its frugal engine with the standard Citigo.

Hyundai i10 – 3.565m long

Hyundai isn’t known for producing stylish, fun-to-drive machines, but the new i10 builds on the strengths of the company’s sensible original model, but adds a plush interior and a sleek, modern exterior design. The combination makes for an appealing small car which feels like a much more substantial machine than its dimensions suggest.

With prices from £8,705 and several sprightly engines on offer, buyers used to larger cars should have no problem in downsizing to an i10 thanks to its big car-feel. Especially as all models have five doors as standard.

Renault Twingo – 3.595m long

The Twingo may look particularly small, but it offers more than enough room for four adults. For this you can thank the rear-engined layout – where the motor is hidden under the boot floor – which gives the car a stubby little bonnet, but a spacious interior.

Another side effect of moving the motor to the rear of the car is that the turning circle is miniscule, as the front tyres don’t have an engine between them, limiting how far they can turn into the car’s body. This means that negotiating tight city streets is a doddle, with many three-point turns becoming U-turns. The Twingo also boasts cheeky styling and fizzy little engines making it nippy around town.

Fiat Panda – 3.653m long

The Fiat Panda has been around for a few years, but this cute looking machine still gives buyers plenty of interior space within a small footprint. Unusually, buyers can also opt for four-wheel drive versions of the Panda which offer real off-road ability – all without the thirst and cost of a typical off-roader.

With several turbocharged two-cylinder engines available, the Panda has real character, thanks to its thrummy, bassy soundtrack. If this isn’t your cup of tea there are several more traditional engines available.

Pictures: Manufacturers

Chris Lloyd


April 16, 2015

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