It is estimated that following the colossal snow fall earlier in the year, the cost of fixing the potholes and damage to the UK roads may add up to not too much shy of £90million. The Potholes are formed when water runs into cracks in road surfaces, freezes and goes on to expand, forcing the surface to rupture and going on to create a void which later caves in under the weight of vehicles.

It’s not just the snow though causing hassle on the roads, the incessant rain fall at the tail end of 2012 did nothing but aggravate the already seriously damaged road network. As it stands 8 million vehicles, one every 4 seconds is damaged, leading to an influx of claims for insurance firms country wide. The AA found that the average motorist will come across 6 potholes per mile of their daily journey; quite a shocking number when you think of the number of cars now on our road has reached well over 30 million.

The average cost per car owner to fix the damage caused to the steering and suspension of their vehicle comes in at a hefty £135, which in the current economic climate is the last thing motorists want to be paying out for. Certain councils in the UK were receiving over 50 complaints a day during December 2012 regarding the deterioration of the roads.

During 2012 the Asphalt Industry Alliance found whist carrying out its annual road maintenance checks that the number of potholes had nearly doubled since 2007 to a staggering 1.7 million.

Although there is of course the matter of fixing the damage to the roads, there is also the small matter of the number of vehicle owners who will go on to claim vast amounts from local authorities for the damage to vehicles, most likely to take this stance will be companies with fleet cars and industries such as taxi drivers, delivery companies and bus companies.

Sarah Lingard


February 7, 2013

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