Now’s the time to get into the swing of the festive season, and the team at have been discussing our wish lists. So if you’ve had your head in the sand and are stuck for ideas, or if you’re panicking about what to buy people then look no further! We’ve put together a list of some of our favourites, featuring everything from the most practical to the most envy-inducing products to buy for car lovers. 

For the high flying commuter – Halfords Advanced All Seasons Car Cover Small, RRP £49.99

Ok it’s not the prettiest of presents, but by giving a stressed out worker a car cover, you’re effectively giving them the gift of time! There’s nothing worse than running late in the morning only to be faced with a hard frost formed all over your windscreen. This tough cover is ideal for preventing cold weather from taking effect and will help make early starts a little more bearable. 

For the music lover – MIXIT™ Metallic AUX Cable, RRP £12.99

It’s not often that younger drivers are able to enjoy the comforts of a new car with all the latest tech, which can mean some repetitive radio listening. However there have been some shocking reports of some of the younger members of the family even resorting to tape converters in desperation! If you want to help save someone’s street cred this Christmas, treat them to an auxiliary cable so they can play music through phones and MP3 players.

For the city slicker – Front & Rear Parking Sensors. RRP £109.99

This is admittedly a pricey pick. However if you know someone who constantly struggles with on street parking, multi-storey nightmares and supermarket space havoc then retrofit sensors could be the answer. It’s suitable for most models and marques and can also be professionally fitted so there’s no hassle for the recipient.  

For the coffee addict – Starbucks Logo Tumbler, RRP £9.95

Ideal for those people who can’t function without a huge serving of caffeine before they steel themselves for a long journey. This cup holds a large helping and has a really secure lid so you can be sure it won’t spill in your car, or worse, when you decide to take a sip. Plus it’s insulated so it’ll help keep your hot or cold drink at its optimum temperature.    

For the gadget geek – VARTA Indestructible Portable Powerpack 6000mAh, RRP £31.99

This award-winning portable charger is perfect for people who are always attached to a gadget. It really packs a punch, giving three full phone charges yet it’s small enough to keep in a side door or glove compartment. Plus because it’s wireless it leaves your 12 volt multi-socket free for your satnav. 


Sarah Lewis


December 23, 2015

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