Vauxhall has fought long and hard to be one of the most reliable and well known car providers in the UK, but which model is the best ‘all round’ car to suit everyone’s needs. The short answer is that no car will suit everyone perfectly but Vauxhall has one that comes pretty close.

The Corsa is possibly Vauxhall’s most well-known and popular model. It is an excellent small city car with a good quality build, sharp handling and good engine choices. However there is an issue with lack of cabin storage and a poor petrol engine that would mean as a family car, or for long business journeys this wouldn’t be ideal.

The Astra is Vauxhall’s answer to a hatchback. With sharp handling, a good engine and smart, stylish designs it is a good mid-sized car. Although, much the same as the Corsa, there are issues with rear visibility, a cramped boot and awkward access that would take this car out of the running for families. A people carrier option offered from Vauxhall is the Zafira. This model offers a wide choice of engines, good value for money and a well-built cabin making it ideal for growing families.

However the rear seating isn’t as flexible as a people carrier, it isn’t an easy car to drive and in terms of looks it’s rather frumpy. For all these reasons it wouldn’t be ideal as a city car and isn’t stylish enough for business types.

Here at Motors we believe that the Insignia is the best all round car from Vauxhall. Its refined looks and comfortable, spacious interior make it appealing to city dwellers, families, and business people alike. It is marketed as the top family hatch however this is a versatile model and is available in three bodies: saloon, hatchback and estate.

The Insignia hatchback, European car of the year 2009, has coupe like styling, is roomy inside and has been built and tested with careful consideration as to how it drives. The 520 litre boot and comfortable handling over long distances makes it ideal as a family and company car. It has been criticized for its CO2 emissions and slightly thirsty engine however it is an extremely reliable car. An added bonus is that it looks more expensive than it is so you get the sophisticated driving experience in both style and design; why not see what Vauxhall models are available in your area today?

Sarah Lingard


February 8, 2013

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