Swedish carmaker Volvo has enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent years, transforming itself from a perceived fuddy-duddy purveyor of boxes on wheels, to a stylish premium brand with enough clout to mix it with the German big-three – and all without losing its focus on absolute safety and security.

The Volvo Concept XC Coupe is the final part of a trio of new concept cars from the brand, and hints at the styling of the forthcoming XC90 SUV. If the production model looks anything like this, we expect there will be some sleepless nights at BMW and Audi HQ.

It’s striking aesthetic hasn’t come at the expense of practicality, though. The Concept XC Coupe comes complete with a spacious cabin and rear seats that fold flat to maximise load space.

Want one? You’ll have to wait until next year for the all-new XC90 to reach showrooms. Alternatively you can search for a used example of the previous generation model here.

Daljinder Nagra


April 8, 2014