It seems the trend for capturing video evidence of nuisance drivers isn’t limited to drivers with their dash-cams or the helmet-mounted versions favoured by cyclists. Horse riders are now getting in on the action with a new tail-mounted camera.

It’s a common scenario on the roads: a queue forms behind a slow-moving horse, with drivers taking it in turn to creep past, ensuring enough room is given so as not to spook the animal.

Or at least that’s what should happen. However, riders are becoming increasingly fed up with motorists failing to slow down or passing their animals too closely, and are resorting to technology to capture evidence of poor driving, with the aim of using it to bring about a potential prosecution.

And any driver caught out won’t be able to complain about not being warned. The camera is fitted to a high-visibility sleeve bearing the words ‘smile, you’re on camera’, along with a speed camera warning symbol. Slotted over the horse’s tail, the camera is in the best possible spot to record poor driving by impatient motorists.

The video footage is clear enough to give an indication of a car’s speed, as well as a vehicle's registration number.

The contraption is the brainchild of David Daly, Managing Director of pet accessory business, who claims it is proving popular amongst horse riders, with 50 orders received in its first week on sale.

Check out footage captured from a tail-mounted camera below.

Picture: David Daly/Gizapaw

Daljinder Nagra


May 6, 2014