The ?koda Yeti is something of an anomaly, tall ride height, spacious cabin and load carrying characteristics, but is also very car like to drive, and still surprisingly capable off road too.

Off road, the Yeti is equipped with all sorts of clever gadgets meaning even the most extreme picnickers can get deep into the back and beyond.

But it’s on the road where most Yeti’s will live and it’s surprisingly good to drive. It handles impressively thanks to sharp responsive steering and there’s no body lean that you’d find in many of its rivals.

Inside the cabin is everything you’d expect from a car from the Volkswagen family. Everything is neatly laid out and well nailed together. Visibility is excellent and there’s loads of space for five people, and the rear seats can be folded forward or even removed completely, but they are pretty heavy to take out and awkward to put back.

Adam Pilon


October 27, 2014