We’re at the beginning of yet another year with a list of resolutions and the constant marketing gimmick of New Year – new you, but how much ‘new’ do you really need in January? Many people will have started a diet or have vowed to an alcohol detox after the festivities, whereas others will have purchased new products.

It would be nice to buy a new car each year but realistically there are very few people who can afford it. Unlike the majority of other sectors there are no ‘new year sales’ for cars, but if you choose to buy second hand at a site like Motors then you will always find a good deal.

When buying a used car it is always worth keeping in mind that the depreciation in value is much less than with used cars, therefore making them a much more cost-effective purchase – although there are certain things you should check when buying second-hand.

Always test drive the car yourself before purchasing if possible to ensure you’re happy with the vehicle. Check the bodywork and engine in a good light for rust and corrosion; it is also worth checking that any repairs have been completed to a high standard. Inside the car you should be checking the odometer to see how many miles the car has done to ensure it matches the advert, and don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding the general upkeep of the car. If you don’t feel confident checking any of this yourself, ask a mechanic to check the vehicle over for you.

Once you have found a car that you’re happy with, ensure you check that all the paperwork is correct before you make an offer. Any car over 3 years old in the UK requires an up to date MOT certificate, so ask to see this along with any records the current owner has of repairs to the vehicle.

Buying a good used car can be much more financially viable for many people than purchasing new or leasing a car. If you’re looking for a new car for 2013 why not check what cars are available used rather than heading straight to the dealer’s?

Stephen Jury


January 2, 2013

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