A teenage boy has meticulously created a Lego version of the Fast & Furious 7 trailer as part of a school project.

This stop-motion video recreates the action in the Fast & Furious franchise’s latest instalment, which sees cars plummeting down to earth after driving off the back of a plane.

Taking inspiration from the movie’s trailer, student Kevin Capodice splices together audio from the film with his own Lego footage, which sees the film’s stars immortalised in plastic.

Explaining his motivation for choosing this topic he said: “I wanted to explore the world of stop motion animation for the first time and chose to combine my favourite childhood toy with one of my favourite action movie series.”

With cotton wool clouds, a Lego plane and paper parachutes to save the freefalling cars, Kevin hasn’t skimped on detail. Watch the action for yourself in the video above and prepare to be impressed.

Video: 317 Designs

Chris Lloyd


May 11, 2015