As the cost of petrol, particularly diesel, continues to rise, it is affecting the choice of car that people buy.

According the Motorpoint, a UK based car supermarket, figures fot the first quarter of 2008 illustrated a sharp increase in the sales of small cars, for example Ford Fiestas, Fiat Grande Puntos, Renault Clios and Vauxhall Corsas.

It is thought that motorists are offsetting the price hikes at the petrol pumps, buy opting for more economical cars, with a record number of drivers opting for petrol run cars as opposed to diesels.

David Shelton, Managing Director at Motorpoint said: “While the credit crunch has impacted on the economy, our sales figures show it hasn’t slowed down the number of people buying new and nearly new cars. What is clear though is that people are becoming ever more conscious of fuel consumption, and as a result, small cars are proving extremely popular.”

At the other end of the scale, the sales of 4×4 vehicles are slowing down as buyers are becoming more conscious of the cost of petrol and also the cost of road tax since the government announced a new top band for the most polluting vehicles (those with over 265 CO2 emissions).

Stephen Jury


May 21, 2008