What do you get if you cross a tank with a Ferrari? A Ripsaw EV-2. This weird mutant machine packs a fire-breathing 650bhp V8 engine along with a hefty set of tank tracks, which have to make it the ultimate high-speed all-terrain getaway vehicle.

It’s the kind of thing that we imagine a certain Mr Bond might have in his garage if he were planning a Scandinavian holiday. With super-grippy tracks, a mighty engine and oodles of ground clearance, this machine can pull off enormous drifts on icy surfaces, bound over steep inclines and even flatten trees, should the desire take you.

Created by Howe & Howe Technologies – the people behind mad armoured cars, robotic tanks created for SWAT teams and even weaponised tracked wheelchairs – the EV-2 is the type of vehicle we imagine a 12-year-old would doodle on their pad of paper during RE lessons. Even the name sounds fearsome.

See it in action in the video above. ??

Video: YouTube / offroadgodzilla

Chris Lloyd


April 13, 2015

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