When it comes to changing your wheels for something new, motorists are faced with a choice: part-exchange it or try your hand at selling it privately.

While simply dumping your old car on the dealer who’s arranging your new one can seem the hassle-free option, you’re not likely to get anywhere near its true value, which is why currently has well over a quarter of a million cars for sale, from both traders and private individuals.

However, while selling privately can be as simple as taking some well framed pictures, penning a suitable description and posting it all online, there are a number of things to be wary of, should you not want to fall foul of consumer trading laws, particularly if you want to describe your car at length.

We spoke to Trading Standards spokesman Peter Stratton to get the lowdown on what sellers need to be aware of when advertising their car in the classifieds.

Daljinder Nagra


January 27, 2014