Nissan is working alongside green car charger network operator Ecotricity to campaign for the UK government to introduce electric vehicle charging road signs.

Currently, the UK has over 9,000 electric charging stations across the road network, but they lack the road signs to direct drivers towards them.

The campaign is asking for specific EV-signs that will feature illustrations of the different types of charging points that are available to drivers of electric vehicles, in a similar vein to the way that unleaded and diesel fuels are differentiated.

Founder of Ecotricity, Dale Vince said: “Both the cars and the infrastructure are in place to support the electric car revolution in Britain – there are Electric Highway pumps at almost every motorway services, while companies like Nissan are developing top quality electric cars.

“It’s time to introduce charging point road signs in Britain, they’ll produce necessary direction for thousands of electric car drivers in Britain as well as increasing public awareness that the infrastructure is ready for them to make the move to an electric car.

“Over the past four years, we’ve installed Europe’s most advanced electric car charging network right here in Britain – it has 250 pumps, 20,000 members and over 10 million emission free miles driven since its inception.”

Both Nissan and Ecotricity are hoping that the UK government takes action and introduces the road signs in order to promote and raise awareness of the electric car infrastructure, which is already very much in place.

Vince added: “The growth so far in 2015 has been phenomenal – over a million miles driven on the network every month. The argument for road signs could not be stronger.

Chris Lloyd


October 26, 2015