A motorist has been filmed using his laptop in shocking footage captured by another driver.

The computer was on the passenger seat of the van as it travelled at 50mph on the M25 near Staines in Surrey. The video shows the man looking at the screen as he drives along with one hand on the wheel.

The person who recorded the video told The Sun that they had also seen the driver using their phone.

They said: “This man was one of many drivers we had clocked earlier using their phone.

“That was ridiculous enough, but about 10 minutes later we spotted him again and he’s bashing away at his keyboard.”

Gary Rae, from road safety charity Brake, told The Sun: “This is shocking and unacceptable behaviour from someone who’s more interested in his laptop screen than looking at the windscreen.”

The incident is being investigated by Thames Valley Police.

Darren Cassey


November 21, 2016

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