Don’t let your temper over-take you on the road.

With the Easter holiday fast approaching, the roads will be at their busiest this weekend, so remember to keep your cool when driving and not let your temper get the better of you.

New poll results published this Easter by the Royal Automotive Club Foundation (RAC) reveal that almost half of motorists behave at their worst whilst on the road, yet drivers seem to be oblivious to this, with 85 per cent of motorists believing they are “very considerate” when behind the wheel.

The top five most badly behaved incidents that motorists reported having done were:

• Throwing a Chinese take away out of a window
•Braking hard when someone was driving on their tail
•Throwing a driver a dirty look
•Getting out of the car to confront a driver head on
•Making signals and pointing at another motorist

As the Easter break approaches, the RAC have urged drivers to contain their road rage and remain calm behind the wheel. With 45 per cent of motorists believing that drivers are “inconsiderate” on the roads, the RAC suggests that motorists need to make the effort to “see ourselves as others see us”.

Sheila Rainger, Acting Director of the RAC Foundation, said: "The frustrations caused by congestion, delays and hold-ups this Easter will drive many motorists "hopping mad. “

"Road rage can be the result if individuals allow themselves to get irate about the standards of others. For the safety of all road users, it's best for drivers to admit they can be at fault sometimes, and, recognising that they are not God's gift to motoring, raise a hand in apology rather than the Agincourt Salute."

The survey did find that good manners are on the ascent with 73.5 per cent of drivers saying they thanked other drivers. The RAC conclude that “rude hand gestures, mouthed insults and rolling of eyes” remain the UK’s most popular way of expressing their frustrations on the road.

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Stephen Jury


March 20, 2008