Having basked in the success of the Range Rover Sport SVR and F Type Project 7, Jaguar Land Rover’s newly created SVO Division has once again demonstrated its versatile breadth of talent with its latest creation, the armoured Range Rover Sentinel.

It is, therefore, the first armoured Land Rover engineered exclusively by SVO, no small undertaking for a budding division, it must be said.

Nevertheless, based on the standard wheelbase Range Rover ‘Vogue’ Autobiography, the imposing machine has achieved VR8 level certification, which ensures the Sentinel has “impressive ballistic and blast resistance”.

Hand built by SVO, the armoured Sentinel has been constructed in such a way that it can withstand penetration by 7.62mm high velocity, armour piercing incendiary bullets. Additionally, it offers lateral protection against up to 15kg TNT blasts and defence against DM51 grenade explosions from both the roof and floor. In other words, there’s little safer ways to travel minus buying a tank…

It’s clear from the vehicle’s construction exactly how difficult these claims are to achieve. The Rangie has a uniquely designed six-piece armoured passenger cell at its base, sourced from incredibly high-strength steel. The standard glass, pretty useless on a car/tank of this kind, has been replaced by multi-laminated armoured privacy glass. There are numerous other additions that ensure the occupants are sufficiently ensconced, such as a self-sealing fuel tank and a back up battery unit.

The Sentinel is powered by the familiar 335bhp 3.0l V6 supercharged petrol engine, mated to a recalibrated ZF eight-speed automatic transmission, and will be available to order in the UK, Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East from the beginning of September 2015.

Author: Oliver Harry

Photo: Newspress

Sophie Williamson Stothert


September 8, 2015

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