British holidaymakers will be racking up the miles as more decide to travel by car this summer, but they’ll be saving themselves money as they do.

Figures released by Kwik Fit today show British families will total 15.7 billion miles in their own cars during holidays this year.

The study revealed that almost half of motorists (46 per cent) have taken, or plan to take, their car on holiday with them this year. On average, each will cover a distance of 1,082 miles, with destinations in the UK, France and Germany being the most popular.

Research undertaken by shows that those choosing to drive rather than fly will save themselves buckets of cash.

Our study proved that by driving the 1,968-mile round trip from London to Tuscany rather than flying, a family could save a staggering £2,200. This was based on the cost of flying for two adults and two children, departing on a flight from London to Florence.

13.2million cars will be used for domestic holidays this year but our European neighbours will see an influx of UK registered vehicles, as 2.2million cars make the trip over the channel to France, with 550,000 heading to Germany, 520,000 to Spain and 390,000 to Italy.

With so many miles being driven by Brits, Kwik Fit has advised that they make the basic checks to their cars: “Driving hundreds of miles in a short space of time will take its toll on any vehicle, particularly if you’re a family carrying heavy loads,” a spokesperson said.

“To cover such distances safely and with peace of mind, it’s vital that holidaymakers carry out basic checks before they set off. If drivers are unsure what to look for, they can bring their car into any Kwik Fit centre to be checked over. After all it’s much easier to have it done there than on the side of a motorway at the beginning of a family getaway.”

Author: Rebecca Chaplin

Picture: Fotolia

Daljinder Nagra


July 10, 2014

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