Over five million motorists are driving around with a brake defect, according to a survey conducted by Kwik Fit.

Worryingly, motorists seemingly aren't overly concerned, with a third admitting to driving in the knowledge of a fault for over a month without getting it repaired.

Male drivers are the worst culprits, with 24 per cent owning up to the fact they've been driving around with defective brakes for at least three months. In comparison with just seven per cent of women.

The survey also revealed that nearly one in five (18%) motorists have been in a car accident caused by braking errors.

Above all else, the sheer number of respondents that are living with on-going brake problems makes for some sobering statistics. Nearly 1.5 million people are experiencing a squealing noise from their brakes, 1.18 million can feel their car pulling to one side under braking and half a million are driving with a brake warning light on.

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, says: “This research reveals that many of us have been in an accident where braking has been a cause, and yet far too many motorists admit they are driving around with defective brakes.

“A grinding noise could be a result of pads which are worn and need replacing, pulling to one side could be a component sticking, and a spongy pedal could be due to air in the hydraulic system.

“It is vital that drivers are able to stop their car as quickly as possible in an emergency, and anyone suffering these symptoms may have their safety compromised as a result.  We would urge anyone experiencing these warning signs to get their brake system checked as soon as possible.”

Picture from Newspress

Leon Poultney


April 12, 2013