A bride whose wedding car burst into flames while carrying her to the church, managed to make the ceremony on time after getting a lift from the local fire brigade.

Irini Georgiou, 23 had aimed to make an entrance by arriving to her nuptials in a classic 1969 Plymouth Barracuda muscle car (pictured above).

However she, her father and two bridesmaids were forced to make a quick exit from the Yank bruiser after smoke began to billow from the engine.

Thankfully all was not lost, with firefighters not only managing to save the champagne stored in the boot, but also allowing the bride to make her big entrance, riding in the back of a fire engine to the ceremony at Christ Church, Little Heath, Hertfordshire.

She arrived, not to the sound of a burbling American V8, but to a backdrop of blue lights and wailing sirens.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Irini said: “I was just laughing at first, I'm quite a laid back person, I was just thinking ‘can this really be happening to me?’

“The firefighters were simply great and we thank them so much for getting me to church.

“This is one big day we'll never forget!”

Her groom, Phillip Critoph, was said to be relieved to see her, after the fire held her up for over 30 minutes.

As well as coming to the rescue of the bride, the fire brigade also organised for a car to take the bridesmaids to the church in a separate car.

The happy couple were later married and are currently on their honeymoon.

Picture: Plymouth/Netcarshow

Daljinder Nagra


July 26, 2013