Motorists are being urged to get their eyes tested and ensure they wear any necessary corrective lenses, in a campaign by road safety charity Brake, and backed by the DVLA and car insurance provider RSA.

The call comes after research shows that many drivers are taking to the roads without ensuring that they can see properly.

A survey of 1,000 drivers found that over a quarter hadn’t had their eyes tested in the last two years, with nine per cent admitting to not having visited an optician for five years or more.

Worryingly, three per cent of those surveyed – which when extrapolated is equivalent to one million UK drivers – had never had their eyes tested at all.

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive, Brake, the road safety charity, said: “If your vision isn't up to scratch you are posing an enormous risk on roads, as being able to see properly is fundamental to being a good driver.

“Your eyesight can deteriorate rapidly without you noticing, and at the wheel that can be lethal. That's why it is so important to get tested every two years and always wear glasses or lenses if you need them when driving.”

However, it seems getting one’s vision checked is only half the battle for Britain’s motorists. One in 10 drivers who know they need glasses when driving don’t always wear them on the road.

Thirty-two per cent of drivers also claimed they didn’t need corrective lenses, despite not having their eyes tested in the last two years.

With an estimated 2,900 road casualties a year put down to a driver’s poor vision, the situation is more serious than perhaps some people realise.

To raise awareness of the dangers of driving without a clear view of the road ahead, Brake is launching its ‘sharpen up’ campaign, and urges all motorists to ensure their vision is as good as it can be.

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Daljinder Nagra


August 7, 2013

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