Perhaps one of the most alarming road signs one can come across is the little warning triangle that alerts motorists to falling rocks.

It is quite natural for a jolt of paranoia to pass through anyone piloting a car across a perilous mountain path but it is highly unlikely a large boulder will actually roll down the mountainside and onto the road ahead.

The motorist in this video wasn’t quite so fortunate, as heavy rainfall in Taiwan caused a sudden landslide that saw rocks and debris rain down onto the road below.

An extremely lucky motorist, who happened to be following closely behind, captured the heart-stopping moment on a dash-mounted camera.

Cars appear to be driving with caution through water-logged streets when, out of nowhere, the mountainside above the route explodes, showering rocks, mud and one enormous boulder onto the vehicles below.

The driver in front can be seen braking and then swerving to avoid the impending impact, which effectively removes the car from the spot where the enormous boulder eventually comes to rest.

Both driver and passenger can be seen emerging from the vehicle and according to reports no one was injured.

Watch the video below and we guarantee you’ll drive with caution when you next see one of those warning triangles.

Leon Poultney


September 2, 2013

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