Motorists will be allowed to park on double-yellow lines for up to 15 minutes without paying, under plans being put forward by the Government.

In a bid to save Britain’s ailing high streets, drivers would be given a “grace period” to allow them to park outside shops for short periods of time.

The Liberal Democrats are also pushing for higher parking fines outside the capital, with the cap of £70 to be raised to £130 to bring the rest of the country in line with London.

A £130 penalty will also be implemented for dangerous parking to prevent traffic problems that may arise from parking on double-yellows.

The Government is hoping to bring the plans into action within months, but are likely to meet resistance within the coalition over whether the grace period will prove unworkable.

A source close to Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles said: "The High Street is in danger of shrinking or dying off, and over-aggressive parking enforcement is part of the reason why,” reported The Telegraph.

He continued: "If people are worried about paying a fortune in parking fines, it will make them more likely to do their shop online or go to out of town shopping centres. For too long parking has been a revenue raiser. It's time to end that.”

The idea of a parking grace period was first tabled in May when Mr Pickles accused local authorities of treating motorists as “cash cows”.

He is also opposed to the Liberal Democrat plans for increased parking fines, saying: “There are already far too many ways that the state can fine you.

“Lifting the cap on parking fines across the board would make parking fines bigger than the penalties given to shoplifters. It would be criminalising people who just want to go shopping.”

What do you think? Will parking on double-yellow lines revive our high streets, or just bring traffic chaos from inconsiderate parking. Have your say below.

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Daljinder Nagra


July 29, 2013