Local councils are “all too often” rejecting parking fine appeals without actually reading them, according to a new report.

The Local Government Ombudsman for England has found councils are simply rejecting a driver’s appeal against a fine, and the explanation about why they parked where they shouldn’t have, without giving them a fair reason.

The watchdog also found that councils are not informing motorists about their rights of appeal. The report said: “All too often, we see cases where a council simply rejects the motorist’s explanation of why they incurred the PCN without giving reasons, or fails to consider them properly at all.

“Councils should do more to inform motorists of their rights when issuing parking and traffic penalties.”

As reported by The Telegraph, in one case, a woman was handed a penalty when she parked across a dropped kerb outside her home while helping her elderly grandmother into the house.

She challenged the fairness of the charge, but also enclosed a cheque in order not to lose the 50 per cent discount for paying within 14 days, however the council ignored her challenge and simply banked the cheque.

The ombudsman, Michael King, said: “Local authorities need to ensure parking enforcement is fair for all.

“If motorists genuinely feel a parking ticket they’ve received is unfair, they should be aware that they have a legal right to appeal to an independent parking tribunal and the council should not reject valid concerns out of hand.”


James Ash


Content Marketing Executive at

February 6, 2017