The sight of flashing blue lights in the rear-view mirror is enough to ruin even the best of days but for one chap in China, things went from bad to life-crushingly worse when he was grabbed by the long arm of the law.

In this entertaining video, a Chinese traffic officer pulls over an unsuspecting driver after spotting him and his passenger travelling without seatbelts, but a good ticking off and a small fine was not the driver’s main worry.

After the traffic officer quite rightly gives the driver a good dressing down, he asks to see his driving licence so he can fill out all of the correct paperwork and process the fine.

The only problem is, the driver has left his licence at home, forcing an awkward phone call home to the wife to plead for a favour.

She arrives with the paperwork but it soon becomes apparent the driver's passenger wasn’t the co-worker he originally made out and was, in fact, a lover.

Cue awkward conversations and one very entertained police officer who seems to relish in the individual's misfortune.

But to make matters even worse for the unlucky driver, the whole event was captured by cameras and played out on television as well as clocking up a few million views on the web.

So next time you see the camera flash or hear the whoop of the sirens, just stop for a second and spare a thought for our friend in the video below.

Leon Poultney


July 12, 2013